Camila Recabarren bets on Instagram while they are & # 39; try to visit the TV

A week ago we knew that Camila Recabarren was not in Hello Chile, of La Red. Although the one who made the decision was the channel, she accepted it unnecessary as "cycling was complete," she said.

This vacancy gave the opportunity to visit different programs in different television houses, so to investigate the ground for future futures.

One of these invitations went to MILF, from + TV. On the set, Recabarren turned off as part of a woman's panel and gave her many media as the new person who could be a place led by Claudia Conserva.

Although at the Costanera Center during Christmas, Cami spoke to La Farta and said he was aware of the fact, but he said that there was nothing in particular: "They say that I & # 39 ; go to MILF, I do not know where that is rumor, but no. I have not closed anyone. "

Despite having no definitive plan on television, it's a Looking for a new chance of the screen. For her, the future of the animation is: "Tomorrow I want to take a stable block on television again, at the same time I walk through all the channels because they invite me ".

– Any seals or special programs where would you like to work?

Okay. I'm feeling that the Network has already met panels, I do not want to say I do not want to be, but I could be a panel in the other side , but the idea is to & # 39; taking different areas, making notes, mobile phones for learning (…) my brother would be a child in front of a camera.

At the same time, he does not want to sit completely. Waiting for its chance in some programs and to reduce its "workless" level, it will Sending her all tidy on social networking, especially on Instagram, where it is almost one million and half loyal fans.

They will be able to use their account not only for their everyday collection, but also for advertising and exchange with a variety of fashion companies, who keep calm, from her; Thinking about the "good working day" platform.

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