Can Renault and Nissan live independently?

New situation

That president – who has been forty years old – helped last year for companies to save around $ 6 billion.

Carlos Ghosn is no longer president of the Renault Nissan Alliance. Last Thursday, the Japanese maker left him as the president of the company. Two days before, Renault did not change it but was removed from his duties, and leaving his company in the hands of Thierry Bolloré, the number of the two companies and now his Headmaster.

On the other hand, Hiroto Saikawa, who has been recruited for more than a year ago as Nissan's Chief Executive, company. Japanese in Nissan; a Frenchman in Renault. Japan's government does not want a union; not the French that Nissan will give more power in the diamond's logo.

Ghosn Ghosn, who had been leaving her & # 39; group after completing its strategic plan; At present, in 2022, have tried to & # 39; Federation in the last few years. He stopped abusing Emmanuel Macron and Shinzo Abe; Even though the two governments said they are planning to cooperate so that the Renault Nissan Alliance can continue as it was before, President's tax fraud declares, the Mexican Expansion site said.

Nissan has been impossible or not done, who has investigated Carlos Ghosn for months without informing the leaders of Renault, the fact is that Japan has over five spend a year saying they have more emphasis in the results of the Federation.

There are 43% of Renault's Nissan. It is the tallest section and its & # 39; should vote and block the Japanese council. Japan's second public pension fund is 5.28%.

Nissan has 15% Renault but has no right to vote. And not the highest department. The French State is 15.01% of the capital.

The Japanese are feeling that they are Feeling from Renault, based on the Florance Act, left Nissan to vote for the seventh time. Depending on this rule, if a resident is residing in the # 39; company for two years it could delete its voting rights from & # 39; board, without the need to increase their participation. However, in May 2015, the French government built its company to 19.75%, to prevent Nissan from being offset. getting land in the capital of Renault.

In November 2017, to accept Nissan, Ghosn allowed the French state to sell 4.75% to share it with Nissan. But the French government was one tenth above a Japanese group, currently with 15.01%.

This relationship dates back to 1999. Nissan had no choice but accepting Renault's terms as they did; missing. But in recent years, and with the bad financial problem that has gone over Europe, Nissan is home to her. which has maintained the French balance. Last year the Renault Group won $ 5.25 billion, and was divided into Nissan $ 2.799 million. In 2016, Renault won US $ 3.543 million, and Nissan won US $ 1.638 million.

In terms of sales, Nissan guides. In addition, Japan was the one who bought the third current casualty of its Federation, Mitsubishi, in October 2016, and has 34%. Mitsubishi Monday will be leaving President as a president.

Between the two Japanese companies, they sold 8.84 million vehicles in 2017; Renault Group, 3.76 million.

Violated to be understood

It is the foundation of the union of the unions. If they were in 2016 they saved 5,000 million and last year almost 6,000, the plan estimates that costs in 2022 10,000 million will be reduced. Both companies (and Mitsubishi) focus their purchases to suppliers, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing.

In this final area, another stakeholder, Daimler, who has a strategic agreement from 2014 will come with the Renault Nissan Alliance. Examples. The Mercedes Citan van & # 39; made at the new French Renaissance & Maubeauge center, which also creates the Nissan NV250. Daimler will be doing in Mexico the Infiniti (main Nissan marker) QX30. No Valladolid Motors factory produces small diesel engines which, for example, can be used. class Mercedes class collection

Renault Nissan Mitsubishi has just Google approved a hunt, which replaces Microsoft as a provider of cloud and software services for 2021.

Renault and Nissan have 1,000 million enterprise venture capital assets to capture new business opportunities in the new movement. And Nissan, with the Leaf, and Renault with the Zoe, are global directors in the sale of electric vehicles. The union of the two companies is so profitable that it seems that it is hard for them to come to an agreement.

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