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Updated 11/23/2018 – 10:44

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London, 11/23/2018 (The People Online) – Some natural developments, such as diabetes sugar, will help with a great deal of cancer treatment. According to research results, funded by Cancer Research UK and Worldwide Cancer Research, and published today in "Nature", this nutrition looks not only for Depression of towers, but also to improve the effects of chemotherapy in many kinds of mice. of cancer, ABC designation.

It is known that tumors that use more glucose are normal and healthy muscles. However, it is very difficult to control the level of glucose in the body just with its & # 39; food. In this study, researchers found that the banana could block glucose to increase the number of cancer cells; to reduce sugar.

Professor Kevin Ryan, principal author of the Beatson UK Risk Research Institute, said: "Turrets need a lot of glucose to grow, so the limit of their ability to use can slowly improve their cancer progress. The problem is that glucose is also needed on normal tools, so we can not completely remove it from the body. In our survey, we detected a gun's shot; Dissolution of enough switches to delay muscle muscle can be delayed, but there was not enough to affect normal weaving. This is an original search, but it is hoped that this balance will be obtained, total for the person to be given to cancer patients to develop chemotherapy without detrimental to health in general. "

Turrets need a lot of glucose to grow, so they can limit the extent to which they can be used if the cancer is moved.

In their study, the researchers initially responded to how the mice responded to pancreatic, lung cancer or skin when the water was added to the drinking water and treated as oral cure. And they discovered that they contributed to the major development of the towers growth and did not impede it.

To test how the cancer can affect cancer treatment, the mice were treated with cisplatin and doxorubicin, two of the drugs that were commonly used in chemotherapy. They saw that the dog developed chemotherapy, which reduced the growth of a tower, reduce the size of a tower and even increase the life of some mice.

In addition, other types of cancer were investigated, such as leukemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer and disease. The researchers found their cancer cells in the laboratory and then treated them with their work; fund to find out how their growth has been affected.

Some cells were well treated with cure, but there were not others. It was also found that an engine presence, which broke the coin in the cells, was a good indication of how effective the cure was.

Sometimes it is sometimes used for a short time to deal with urinary tract infections, but its long-term effects have not been investigated. It is important that more research is carried out before being used exclusively in cancer patients.

In this regard, Martin Ledwick of Cancer Research UK believes that, although these results are very advanced for some cancer medications, "this is an early investigation and has not yet been confirmed in people. Patients should not self-ordain the same, because there is a real risk that there are still unintentional effects. It is important to consult a doctor before you significantly change your diet or to bring new developments ».

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