Candidates to be replaced by Beñat in the UC

Results Beñat San José from Catholic University surprisingly, as a result of the recent title he received National Championship However, the DT chose to leave and, have been overgoing its & # 39; The first effect, some of the names appeared quickly to replace their banking.

Coat of Arms / U.S. Catholic

Two Sils and Palermo

Francisco Bozán is the current coach and, in such a contract, it has emerged as a cultivation option for Spanish. The DT has made a major campaign to control the University of Chonait, to fulfill the subgroup and classify it to the group level Copa Libertadores In addition, its game model is based on rapid changes like those developed by the old trainer.

The number of Martin Palermo It's fun for any club and yours UC It's not cheap. The highest scorer in history Boca Juniors It is cheap, after leaving Unio Española, and he was linked to his name Everton and also with Colo Colo. He has a wide experience as a player Libertadores, what is compared to the university students' participation in the competition, although the approach would be; Despite protection, creating doubts among the fans.

José Luis Sierra returned several weeks ago from the Arab Emirates, where he was managing Shabad Al-Ahli, and is also associated with the ability to & # 39; accept it San Carlos de Apoquindo. He has clearly stated that he plans to continue playing in international football, but he is able to go on to play in international football, play with pressure on membership membership well in line with the requirements of its & game. Catholic

List of Berizzo and Argent Argentine

What happens to him? Eduardo Berizzo It is very appealing. Argentine left a big picture for participating in the & # 39; town Cycling of Marcelo Bielsa in the Red and the title achieved by O & Higgins. He was given a name Colo Colo and now he also appeared for UC banking. His advocacy of aggressive and dynamic actions is a lullaby, but he would have a high cost of his workforce and the disorder without being able to; leaving Europe to prevent returning & # 39; Toto & # 39; after leaving Bilbao Athletic.

The final choices reached by the technicians who have passed in the previous dispute Beñat San José accepted at the beginning of the 2018. season. The DT concert, then, has put on other professionals among those who were Mariano Soso, Frank Kudelka, Eduardo Domínguez, Ricardo Zielinski and Luis Zubeldía, all Argentina. However, of the group, today Dominguez It is workless.

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