Capital Gazette Twenty-two events for the first time in 2018

1) NASA's spacecraft announcing the name of a science in life is launched for its first time.

The Solar Parker search, the first NASA spacecraft named after a person who is still in attendance; live, launched in August. Scientist Eugene Parker's name is on his boat, The first one who talked about the sun's sun in 1958. This study, which also has a " expects to register as the fastest speeches, what was done by a man who was closer to his / her sun

2) Painting is a historic price reaching for an African-American live artist.

The picture Occasionally Kerry James Marshall added a record as the highest paid price for painting by an African-American artist, since he sold for 21.1 million dollars, according to the Sotheby auction house. Master maker's subject work 1997, who is a featuring two black characters in the recreational time, mogul music Sean "Diddy" Combs. The salesman, Harbor Authority and Presidential Exhibition, based in Chicago, had bought the job for $ 25,000.

3) & Apple is a & # 39; The first company that reaches the value of one billion trillion.

Apple Apple & # 39; The first company that was recorded on the stock market to reach market value of more than trillion dollars in August, closely with Amazon, reached that signal just a month later. The increase of these optimistic companies has been helping to & # 39; Long-term fuel for economic growth in the United States, but may have contributed to the disruption of their middle class and the increase in income inequality, experts says.

4) New type of human change

Researchers have altered a new type of people, to their homes. According to the Cell magazine, members of a ethnic group called Bajáu, who are traditionally living in house or palafito boats in southeastern Asian cities, have become increasingly powerful. The results of the researchers say that the Bajáu – whether they are involved in diving or other roles – gives a 50% spleens larger than those that a & # 39; staying 24 kilometers from the sea, on the mainland. Surveys have shown that larger species can help deeper spreading marine animals.

5) Unified band, at least on ice

The women who are part of the Korea and South Korea ice hockey team won one team in the twenty-third set of Winter & Winter Games in Pieonchang. This is a & # 39; The first time the two countries joined an agreed Olympic team. The team lost their first game, against the Swiss. However, Korea won seventeen medals in the games, including five gold medals.

6) The first museum that is in its place; opening its doors.

Two exflorists opened what they say to the first museum that was made for dogs. The Dackelmuseum, located in Bavaria, in Germany, canine stamps, dog-shaped bread, poison pits, printed material and other items used dachshund, one of the oldest dogs in Germany.

7) The first death of walkers made by a devolution carriage

An Uber independent pilot carrier caused the death of a woman in Tempe, Arizona, in March; It is believed that this is a # 39; The first death of a walker caused by self-control. Although the car driver had a back driver, this radar or radar or radar system was not involved in a woman's time. Trying to cross the street with a bike.

8) Saudi Arabia holds a week's fashion for her & first time.

Saudi Arabia organized the fashion season in Riyadh for the first time in April. However, the event showed signs of the preserved kingdom. Although there were only women among the attendees, it was forbidden to display images of unwanted women, a long window that covers a & # 39; whole body. However, the organizers identified the event as a premium for women in a country where they are still expected to give their protection to their defendants.

9) A Chinese company is overcoming the sale of Apple cell phones.

For the first time, China's Huawei company spent the sale of Apple's phones, since it sold over 54 million mobile phones in the second quarter of 2018, compared to 41 million Apple, both under Samsung. The success of its company is even more attractive. think that Huawei did not go into some of the world's largest markets, including the United States, largely due to corporate fear and government spirit.

10) A museum in Paris is opening its doors to nudists.

For the first time in the French capital, a museum has welcomed nude characters of another type: a & # 39; live. The Museum of Modern Art opened in Paris, located in the eastern wing of Palace Palace, its doors for craftsmen for a special tour, which was run by a Natural Society in Paris. City of Light is also a & # 39; The world's first nudist restaurant, Nature & Nature, opened in late 2017, as well as a public park area for people who like to walk as God to the world.

11) An appliance is discharged from the plastic rubbish from the sea.

The first device in the world was designed to clean plastic waste in a & # 39; chuan -creation a boy who abandoned his university research and who had that idea since his youth was used in September to attack the name of the Great Slate of Garbage of the Pacific. This part of the ocean, between Hawaii and California, is the largest collection of community plastics in the world. However, some experts worry that the device causes more damage to the repairs, and argues that it would be a bit worse; Better take care of attempts to stop plastics from a & # 39; arriving at sea.

12) French legislators provided tools in schools.

Lawyer casualties came to schools in France in September. Students from 3 to 15 years leave their mobile phones, records and other digital appliances at home or go out to school buildings, shortcomings in the case of students with disabilities or at out-of-school activities. Some of the legislatures set out at the new law abroad and reported some of the rules that they have. prohibit the use of mobile phones in classrooms during school hours.

13) Football will break sex barriers in Japan.

Japan, whose staff are man-made, named as the first league in August. First Lieutenant Misa Matsushima, 26, who said the American film was Top Gun: Passion and glory has been an incentive, joined the Japanese Defense Defense Air Force in 2014. The air force embarked on the acceptance of bids from women in 1993; However, women can not apply bids for being a fighting pilots up to 2015, when the ban was built as part of the campaign; A national campaign to increase the number of women in the workplace.

14) Africa will launch its & # 39; First plant that has a waste transformation to energy.

Ethiopia is the first country in Africa. Opening a plant that drives rubbish to energy. Senior government officials, including President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome, were present at the opening of the $ 120 million center, known as Reppie, built in a rubbing bend on the edge of Addis Ababa. It is thought that it can generate up to 80% of the daily waste generated by its & # 39; capital city and 30% of its energy needs distribution.

15) Ikea will be the first source in India.

Ikea opened its first Indian inventory in Hyderabad and modified the normal strategy by clicking on it. reducing its prices and changing its account – and even its coffee offer – to attract Indian customers. The world's largest retail furniture company is trying to open three other sources in the next two years to meet the needs of our customers. a middle class that grows rapidly in the country.

16) Russia shows its power.

In the most powerful army warfare during the Cold War, Russia collected nearly 300,000 soldiers, 1,000 aircraft and nine hundred tanks for Vostok 2018 military exercises. In addition, The first time, China took part in the exercises: he installed helicopters and around 3200 soldiers.

17) The first series of reality TV was created in Mexico

Made in Mexico, who follows the flexible life of nine members of high society in the Mexican City, starting in September. This series is given by Netflix, who is the first real-time showcase created in Mexico, damaging it in bad taste in a country where almost half of the population are living in poverty.

18) Canada is lawful for marijuana for recreational use.

Canada a & # 39; The first global global economy that was lawful for marijuana for recreational use. It is the second world in the world – after Uruguay – to allow that legislation. From the middle of October, people over 18 can buy and buy; lawsuit use and dried canned flowers. It is expected that the bill will bring billions of dollars once in the revenue and it will be fully implemented.

19) There are more pigs than the Danish people.

Mucans are now larger in Denmark: 215 pounds per 100 residents, according to new statistics released by Eurostat. The company has a & # 39; It estimates that around 150 million pigs live in the European Union, and 40 per cent of these are in the EU; Germany and Spain. In addition, according to new figures released by the Spanish government, the number of dead whales, 50 million, is higher than the nation's population of 46.5 million.

20) The High Court of India will recycle the prevention of homosexual sex.

For the first time in more than 150 years, the highest court in the country in the country has to define a constitutional law that is in force; prohibits homosexual gender consensus in India. The rule, introduced into Indian law under the British colony government, rarely has been put in place, but observers commented that it had been dubbed, sexual abuse and harassment of people in & # 39; LGBT community.

Looking to the future

Disneyland will give alcohol to her public for her. first time.

Health, Muslims. Disneyland will drink the general public for her drink; the first time in 2019, when Cantina Oga opens its doors at Galaxy Edge, the area that has been in the & # 39; continues to grow now in the Star Wars performing field.

The first test aircraft for taxis is a commercially registered place.

Undoubtedly 2019 of the year is encouraging to travel commercially: both the SpaceX Dragon capsule and the Boeing Starliner spacecraft on their first airspace are already registered with its location; crew.

Source: The New York Times

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