Carabinero is discharged after he escapes after causing a death accident

Carabineros confirmed the driver who escaped after entering another private car at kilometer 21 of Route 5 Sur, an incident that occurred during the early hours of Friday and left a 17-year-old dead man.

According to Radio Bío Bío, Major Cristián Morgenstern, of the 14th San Bernardo Police Station, declared that he was a Carabineros officer in the driver; disappeared and was immediately issued and left to justice.

The disaster

Customs officers Aton Chile

The event happened today, when a vehicle, which was preparing for a 5-way route, apparently would not have marked another car that was in the morning; travel at a fast pace.

The crash, a 17-year-old boy was riding in a back seat; first car and safety belt, discharged and affected by road barriers, & # 39; dying on the place.

At the same time, the carabinero fled to drive the second carriage and left his car away a few miles ahead.

The officer was part of OS9 and was real at the time of the event.

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