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A multidisciplinary research team from the University of Girona (UdG) has been removing moderate cell cells from 3D printed material known as scaffolds. A biological engineering project in ONCOEN3D which has reached a crucial milestone in investigating anti-chronic cancer is more aggressive, It is difficult to recycle these cancer cells, which are largely dependent on recycling (metastasis), so that they can be eradicated.

This research is an important benefit that the scales become a " provides an opportunity to increase the tests made by the cancer cells because this method of study is cheaper than the traditional systems used to date. The results have already been published in various scientific journals such as Journal of Molecular Sciences or Polymers, and were exhibited at different international assemblies.

The first project in Spain is ONCOen3D to expand this digital-cell cell diversity system. The causes of more redesignation in young women. The same system will be applied, for the first time, with lung tumor cells. In this case, there is no evidence that this method has ever been used before.

The research team that is developed in this project includes researchers from two research groups in the medical and engineering fields. On the one hand, the Investigation Group on New Thermal Targets (TargetsLab) is run by Teresa Puig has been involved. And, on the other hand, the Research Group on Productivity, Processing and Production Engineering (GREP), led by Joaquim de Ciurana. This group of scientists will developing their work in the Scientific and Technological Park and in the UHC Medical Faculty.

One of the people responsible for the project explained, Dr. Teresa Puig, that these tumors cells do Stay in the body after chemotherapy is treated and rely on the re-emergence of the disease.

According to Puig, cancer is under review of the imperial subdivision of a tripod, "which is doubtful in young women and who creates a recycling within three to four years in 20 or 30 per cent of patients. "

For this effect, therapies are not targeted, those that are not based on irradiation or chemotherapy, but those researchers believe they will be eliminated if these cells were delete them, "and those who, after the time, have been reused in the tumor in other groups, metastasis, or in the first one".

The topic of this group's survey is & # 39; appears in a "very low" portion in tunnels, as reported by Teresa Puig, which means a problem for isolation and the 3D-sorted survey surveyed some of the dimensions, named "Sgaffolds" English.

There are three other research agencies working around the globe in the remoteness of chronic cancer cells through this technique, although the person in Girona will soon start working with the lungs.

In terms of the ideas that are handled how to complete its & # 39; This attraction of metastasis, Puig identifies signs in the form of a fat way; It can be eliminated to finish it, although others are also.

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