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CES 2019: Traveling cars and friendly robots are the most important of the innovative party in Las Vegas

In the winter winter of Las Vegas, Nevada, the hotel lights will be exorbitant. Brightness to its home will be a three-day innovation strategy.

From January 8 to 11, the show's home is the headquarters of Show Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an event that brings together thousands of exhibitors, from most Google, Samsung, Intel or LG, Small entrepreneurs who want to be the name in the world of advanced technology.

For the 2019 turnover of the event, which is expected to have more than one hundred thousand visitors, it is expected that displays of friendly robots, prototype of cars on air "will be for most ", better resolution television and online helpers in Google and Amazon. The world's leading gala gala innovations.

Cars in the air?

As in the Supersonic, the ability is that the cars in the air, and not on the street, come close.

NFT is one of the companies that provide their prototype of cars by airplane at CES. This company's co-founders, Maki and Guy Kaplinsky, are aiming at creating a low cost product that can compete in the market.

There will be another product that has a special focus on television. According to FayerWayer, one of the major displays for this CES convert are the folded models of flat screening.

The product would be ready for commercialization, and in this way, fully market up for a Smart TV market. In addition, it is expected that large companies will deliver advances in 8k technology.

Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

Despite the specific advances in a television range, the figures are show that the 2o19 of prestigious attendants.

According to figures by the Consumer Technology Society, it is estimated that around 37 million Amazon Gadgets, Google Gardens and other US sales are sold. What represents a 5% increase compared to its & # 39; previous year.

These devices, which correspond to the user's voice, can be co-financed by other "smart" household devices and the creation of a collaborative network.

In Chile, the machines will be sold at prices of almost 150,000 pesos.

Although tourists are going on Las Vegas Boulevard with the same responsibility; in to find a device for a & # 39; spreading their dollar, the event is located at the Town Center Collection Center to set up technology and innovation.

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