Chacho Coudet contributes to Colo Colo applications: "Espina knows I have a commitment to races"

Marcelo Espina travels in Buenos Aires, looking for Hector Tapia 's local coach, after he was going to do it; leaving Colo Colo. In this context, Black and White sportsman met him Eduardo Coudet, current coach Races, and an applicant to accept the & # 39; full bank.

After the meeting, the Coudet news conference was over the trans-Andean media, which affected its & # 39; Chacique for their services: "With Spina, I met for a professional case, but the Raid leaders knew beforehand, I just wanted to be aware of a friend, but he knows I have a commitment to the club and to the people. he said.

In this way, the current technical director of Superliga Argentina, He left the ability to come to Colo Colo. Out of the short list by Marcelo Espina in his pack, there are currently two candidates: José Pekerman, left by the national team of Colombia, and Mario Rooms, currently at Sporting Cristal, newly renovated a few days ago with a Peruvian source, but with a left clause.

Follow the Squid's work in transandean countries, look for the person who's Accepting the always changing variable of the albo type, which wants to develop the underestimated icon as it closed in 2018.

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