An atopic dermatitis Skin disease is an acute type, which is marked by presence continuous itching, with episodes of serious adverse effects and repeats that are evident in different times of the life of the patient.

In the Chile, 3 in ten people suffer from this situation, which greatly affects children with a history that is affecting the family. "About 60% of the issues are apparent before the first year of life, and 85% of them are before the five", and explains Dermatologist Clínica Vespucio, Dr. Cristián González.

Ministers often appear with closer confidentiality, which can be & # 39; Creating an increase in bacteria in the skin. To avoid this, the specialist specializes in the importance of educating both patients and their family, about the difficult and long-standing course of this science.

"The right case is still unknown and there is no cure, but cure can reduce symptoms in a way that the patient, especially the child, can have a better quality of life," the dermatologist wants.

WHAT YOU HAVE: How do you recognize a big attack and what medicine?

With this goal in mind, we must first identify and, where possible, avoid these special problems of breaking atopic dermatitis. In addition, Dr. Gonzalez praises:

– Cotton clothes prefer to be loose and avoid tight clothing with synthetic parts or wool.
– Wash clothes with white soap or hypoallergenic cleaners and avoid cleaning devices.
– Avoid hot and dry places.
– Control of emotional stress.
– The dining room should be short, daily, with warm water, and use soap or neutral seeds.
– Drying should be smooth and not to skin properly.
– Nutrition of daily and often skin with hypoallergenic materials.

Can I avoid it?

Some research has shown that it is a disease that comes from the interaction between genetics and environmental factors; in atopic dermatitis. "It is a change to epidermal impediment, which causes a higher blood pressure and can affect the skin environmental ambitions and food, "a & # 39; explains the expert. This allows to & # 39; releasing inflammatory cytokines, which helps patients to do so; crack the skin intensively.

Likewise, these people are also likely to develop other cancer contexts, such as bronchial asthma and renal rhinitis, which are usually in what is called atopic diathesis.


In a medication; You can use different types of antihistamines that should be ordered by a dermatologist, as well as day-to-day corticosteroids for specific skin treatment, which should be used for a short time. "When there is a bacterial flexibility, you can also put antibiotics on the surface or eggs," said the dermatologist.

In more severe cases, with little response to daily remedies, there are systematic methods, such as the use of oral corticosteroids, immunomodulators or medication of phototherapy.

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