Change the color of WhatsApp, the new viral trap


An ESET laboratory confirmed that it has received a number of reports on messages that come through WhatsApp giving access to new colors in the social network with only one click. The security company checks what is behind the scenes of filling out advertising phones.

As is common with this type of campaign, the link varies differently when you click on a cell phone or the WhatsApp internet facility.

To access a computer using a WhatsApp site, the user will be prompted to submit Google Chrome, which is a Black Theme for Whatsapp, that will allow a change in color to a darker color. It was also noted that the Portuguese message is in contrast to the original Spanish message, but it may be a sign that the campaign was originally looking for victims in Brazil t he was concerned about providing some key messages.

This extension can be found within the Chrome Store and contains a large number of downloaders; who comment on the size of the campaign.

In the event that an unsatisfactory user launches the extension and opens the WhatsApp web session, they will automatically send a message to the full list of active conversations that will invite them to change the colors of the application.

Within the web there are messages in different languages ​​to add, as well as the different parts that make the message, include the image. In addition, there are a number of URLs that may be associated with the randomly generated message sent by the messages.

Even if the user recognizes what is happening and closes the web browser window, the task will not stop as the phone itself has sent the messages.

This particular activity reflects the strategies used by attackers to spread this campaign quickly and effectively and thus increasing accessibility. Enables the message to reach all your friends when the message has not been shared sensitively.

On the other hand, if the link is reached in a normal way from the cell friend, a message appears asking the user to share the request with 30 friends or 10 groups before they arrive. ability to change colors.

Likewise, even if it is not shared among acquaintances and you want to proceed, the app will want to download APK using best_video.apk and send out a message from a server located in Russia. If the person comes up with everything above, a family of Trojans will go with the cell phone that will change adware among Android devices.

The application is installed on the device, but it does not see any evidence about its installation, as the image is hidden and does not activate when the user starts browsing, displaying advertising banners for the user. relates to a range of valid advertising services; however, for the user it is not clear that their resources are used for these activities.

“When it comes to caring for these types of threats which use social engineering strategies, that the user needs to attract it to the region's attractive and attractive appeal, as it is in the past. In this case, personalize your WhatsApp, always. it must be remembered that the idea of ​​not accessing connections that reach us through any digital medium, even when it arrives through an informed person, "said Camilo Gutiérrez, Head of the ESET Latin American Research Laboratory."

In these cases, the first thing to make sure is the truth of the link, for example, to check with the recipient of the message – in this case change the WhatsApp color – if it really is sharing or sharing. has been suffering from disappointment and he sent to the people somewhere. It is also important that a security solution is made which calls out calls to be fastened or loaded down into material that may be malicious.

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