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SAccording to recent research by the World Health Organization, much of the population of the whole of the country in Latin America is overly affected by a diet. Caribbean.

In Colombia, the figures are not very encouraging that more than half of the population is overwhelmingly surprising and the main reason is in healthy lifestyles.

As a result of the rapid increase in the consumption of foods produced outside the home and growing fast food, changes were made to the eating habits of each house.

For this reason, Danielle Bonner, an expert in nutrition, shows: "it's very important to know how to handle the proportions of food and toads, in particular, food which does not make a dietary contribution to the diet, for others who are more complete. "The most important thing for everything is the amount of what we eat and quality.

Fruit juice for total produce (fiberglass, vitamins and minerals).

White bread for complex bread (fiber, sink).

White rice for full or wild seals (fiber, sink).

Try to use raw oil oil (good, antioxidants) oil.

Potatoes and rubbish food for vegetables (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), nuts and almonds (good cats, protons).

Potatoes decorated for decorated potatoes (fiber and antioxidants).

Fresh food for baked or unhealthy food.

Plant protein containing animal protein: beans, lentils, beans, circle (fiber, iron, protein).

Red meat (which avoids every day) for white meat such as fish, tuna, chicken, salmon (good cats).

Mixed water, natural water, lemon water, eat without sugar.

– White sugar for vanilla section or non-caloric sweeteners.

– Ice eggs and cakes for fruit (vitamin, minerals and antioxidants).

– White flour with almond flour (omega 6 or fat type, protein).

– Chicken butter with pigeag with a delicate natural butter or sugar (protein and omega 6).

– White chocolate or chocolate milk with dark sugar without sugar (antioxidants).

– Chocolate pipe with cocoa cook (antioxidants).

Dr. Bonner says it must be remembered that all abbreviations are abusive.

"There's no bad food, we just need to know what amount we need to use, some of which usually do not have a daily wear to balance . " In the same way, healthy animals should be compiled with daily and regular exercise to allow the degree of three-triglycerides in the blood.

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