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"Changing the channel was a tough and painful decision"

So, the statements are currently under review Primer Plano, El Mercurio, which published Saturday's interview with one of the television characters changing canals in 2019 , and that has influenced the world of concerts.

Francisca García-Huidobro said one of the reasons for switching to Channel 13 "was to prove himself".

Finally, yesterday the farewell was full of CHV and last year he was involved in the Primer Plano program, without the presence of Julio César Rodríguez, who will also be in attendance. leaving its program as part of the morning of that television house.

But then Julian Elfenbein, who broke into the set to make a full farewell, after the first hour of the program, was just spent to talk about a television television crib 2018 .

Julian built a visual listening form with the best moments of the animator, who can not keep the tears and not; They can even go to & # 39; first talk after returning to the studio.

"If you knew what I want … It's been a very difficult month … I got sick: I got a cold and I got sick of the gift. There is a man in saying you need to go through a pain process, "he said.

"For me, it's Messi, she has a special talent. That's why we wanted to pay him an effort and thank CHV who opened us that door," said an executive representative the space, Carlos Valencia.

But who fired his emotional moment, his son Joaquín, who went into the flower-set set of flowers for Fran, and was very happy to hand it through the passageways of the channel After 15 years in Chilevisión.

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