China to launch its & # 39; first mission to the hidden side of her moon

They launched the Chang 4 space space survey with a historic moon attack planned for the beginning of January.

On December 7th, an important event was carried out as the Chinese probe survey made by Chang & 4 from Earth. The historic aim is to come ashore for his & her; first time on the hidden side of the Moon.

The survey is expected Chang 4 (baptized in honor of a day who lives in the moon, according to Chinese mythology) to make his moon a & # 39; came ashore in the first day of January the next day, where he would reach the Aitken bay to capture surface images and fresh samples.


The launch was made by the informal rocket Long March 3B from the Xichang filing you can see in the video below:

The intention is to try to find information to understand events after & # 39; Bhrag Big, as well as trying to grow plants in low-lying environments and explore the interaction between sunflowers and the surface of the moon, among other tests.

Therefore, we will be vigilant to see how Sinaoin's historic and complex channel is. planning its growth that has not been done due to technological issues.

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