Claudio Fariña after TVN left: I had no sensitivity in a society that had changed


After being burned by TVN after the 20th of October, Claudio Fariña He talked about getting off the channel.

The journalist stated in "Every day better" of La Red that he was "one plus a group of 100", which was rejected at the end of October. Consulted by Alfredo Lamadrid about explanation, Fariña said: "I do not know, it may have been many years, I did not have a high salary, or I had editorial reasons".

The old TVN also consulted on the contravention of its reports, notably the one for the March for Equalities. "I had no sensitivity during changing societies. I was in the conversation between the people who were always left and the ones that were on; That year was cited for the first time. In that struggle I did not know how to read me with a stunning style of what happened"he said.

Later on, he talked about the amounts that are paid at times when a television is being broadcast; go through an emergency. "You eliminate young people, who employ 500,000 pesos or secretary who earn 400,000 pesos, you are not explaining (failing). So why not do it logic to be & # 39; 20 year old journalist and salary was much better than the rest?"he said.

And he stressed: "I do not think it is reasonable for me that some of the salaries are there as if the business was in a hurry. In a broken business, a driver or reader or animator still has a double-earned job of the President of the Republic, you realize he does not have much logic. "

"Looking for independent behavior when you've been a salary employee, your life is not easy", he added to the journalist.

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