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Colo Colo influences United Curicó and its & # 39; continuing a formal campaign

Colo Colo continues its successful campaign: three benefits in three games. Now the Mario Salas box defeated Curico Unico 4-3 when he visited, in a game that is effective for the third date of the 2019 National Competition.

The Cacique was fighting in & # 39; first minute and does not let Curic think. Already on the six minutes the 2-0 tour was in the Farm. Esteban Pavez He was the leading musician in the first two goals.

After two minutes, the mid-play on the right was expected and the middle was bound by the old Boca Juniors Pablo Mouche. At 6, Pavez got from Gabriel Suazo – a big figure to a game and a & # 39; played better and better in the middle of the court – and brought a 30-meter zapatazo into the Jorge Deschamps visit rings. Golazo.

The big challenge of the Mario Salas team is the defensive air game. The United States Curicó practically won all. And in one of these plays, Sebastián Jaime dropped after 19 minutes, after a Venezuelan center Carlos Suarez.

Suarez had been the minutes before being injured Fernando de la Fuente. The alba is on the left, recorded 75 games in total (69 of which are National Tours), the Venezuelan hit and Jaime Valdés replaced the 12th.

Its colored Colo Colorach protection problems are difficult, but the United States Curic situation is a bit difficult. Gabriel Costa he took a donkey from his back arm and put it in, with the archer at hand, The first goal in the Chacique. The only Uruguayan-Peruvian received the 4-1 at 25%, following a bad bad crack.

In the second half, Colo Colo was not specifically for maintaining its advantage, against the attacks of the ones led by Dalcio Giovagnoli. There is no decision that the visitor, Brayan Cortés, covered seven balls. The final summaries of the bone were, with diminution Mario Parra (81 & 39) and Matías Quiroga (90 + 2 & 39), but he did not reach the Curicans.

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