complete those who have modified their consuls sales, and what's done? first legal gates have already arrived

Of course, Nintendo does not enjoy their products and try to spread them out of official channels. Nintendo is again a military weapon to start a new legal attack, the goal? Those involved in changing the consuls sales to make more games or add new titles unpaid.

Having impacted on ROM sites, Nintendo has found a new target to continue to protect their intellectual property, which is beyond its own. represented in the economic loss of the company, a sign of power and They request that their products will only be available through official addresses.

Do not have a garden with Nintendo if you do not want to finish in court

This week, Nintendo launched a new law file in California Complete those who sell Modes of Modified Consoles No, they offer tools or help the user "steal them" on their own.

Protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Nintendo says in the case that "the copyright law impedes a copying of Nintendo console games and changing the Nintendo Switch and NES consoles Classic Edition for non-authorizable copies of the Nintendo consoles games ". Those who do not respect this, Nintendo runs out and wants $ 150,000 to pay each game; used illegally.

Nintendo Switch Mod Hack Homebrew

The first of these law laws has been against Mikel Euskaldunak, a young man from Orange County, California, dedicated to providing modes that will allow them "any game they wanted to play" play. This service was offered through the ToolsUp platform, where something $ 40 called "Nintendo Switch Mod / Hack Homebrew" was sold, or for $ 150 a quick version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; with each player open.

As we know, today, it is possible to steal the Switch after finding a vulnerability in the console process. In the case of Euskaldunak, and how the demand explained, his work was to be sold A service that includes a standard firmware and a physical snapshot of the Nintendo Switch, allowing them to protect all defenses from the consolation and thus be able to play titles from a SD card.

Nintendo's request is to ensure that Euskaldunak has sold over 100 of these changes, and that it will be responsible for the exchange of SD cards with a large number of games that have been included. But not all that, the lawsuit also reports that Euskaldunak would have been selling NES Classic disputes with 800 preloaded games $ 15 over the official price of her & # 39; his shop.

The information also identifies a non-definition number of applications both in California and in other parts of the United States, where the target would be the same, try to stop the sale of modified consoles No, services that offer to change some of their consolations. And to find out what product they have received with ROM sites, we are not sure that this new legal battle is satisfactory for Nintendo.

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