Cruzados S.A. He raised only 78% of his expected capital increase

The main city of the lanes was down to $ 19.2 billion

Red Crossers S.A., Reduce the Lens that manage to. football club, Universidad Católica, its capital from $ 21,108 million to $ 19,200 million. This was previously reported to the company by a factual fact that was sent to it; Commission for the previous Financial Market (CMF, SVS).

In the document, he also explained that the reduction was achieved as the capital boosting process, agreed in 2015 and ending this month, raised less than expected resources.

In effect, depending on the situation of issuing payment shares to 21 October, contacting the Stock of Santiago Stock, just over 35 million shares were issued for $ 5,263 million, but the inscription and to pay more than 27 million titles, which amount to $ 4,124 million.

The injection of resources was made to fund three areas: the professional staff; strengthen formal football; and to improve the infrastructure of the institution.

Partnership: José Antonio Garcés will leave General Life and General Death registrations after 18 years.

Changing times in the Financial Partnership. Ownership company related to the families said Garcés Silva, Hurtado Vicuña and Fernández León, yesterday, in the & # 39; Life Insurance and General Insurance, a board member of José Antonio Garcés, who spent 18 years in post, leaving their board.

The historic director, however, will still be attached to the company as part of the Financial Consortium board. This change is part of a restructuring that will increase the directors in that business unit from 7 to 9.

José Antonio Garcés Silva (mac), Bonifacio Bilbao De Raadt and an independent independent Ricardo Lagos and minister Michelle Bachelet, Jorge Rodríguez Grossi, will join her. new album. The company explained that the change is a # 39; trying to "increase the involvement of more leaders in the different committees that are part of corporate governance."

At the same time, Consorcio Financiero stated that there was a link in a home market for $ 82 million with an ongoing term of 9.5 years. This trade, made by LarrainVial, aims to raise the Banco Consorcio capital, said the company.

In the same line, the consortium shareholders' agreement of Banco Consortium agreed to raise $ 55,000 million, which was fully inscribed and paid by Consorcio Financiero.

"Banco Consorcio's capital position and consolidation position continues to strengthen us to continue to improve its development in its bank, Supporting strong growth in business placements and new Business Banking businesses, "said Finance Consortium, Marcos Büchi.

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