Daniel Donoso has been brought back as a problem for Rojo after 16 years

After 16 years since Daniel Donoso was part of the second generation of Fantasy Contra Fama's talented fantasy festival, and with a tougher role, the singer will return to the stage as jokes during the summer season.

Donoso aims to select the participants who will be part of the Red Census throughout the year, as well as showing the steps he has made in his position, as he said in an interview with Page 7.

"As well as being a jury, I will be able to showcase my new, most prestigious material in the summer, especially for those who have lost out what I've been doing. do today ", said the interpreter.

In terms of talent coming in the place, Donoso was very happy. "He is coming together with the young people because I went to the very young program, so he's seeing my progress, I'm growing and that's a # 39; I am very distressed and happy "he said.

It is worth saying that Daniel has been promoting new songs, the only ones that will be published in the talent program he has seen as an artist.

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