Daniel Stingo in diving against Patricia Maldonado

Daniel Stingo participated in the VíaX program "With his hands in the dough", where he reviewed his professional career and, remembers how he was on television.

The lawyer, talk about his lawsuit and deepen the death of Camilo Catrillanca and his / her; Conflicts in Araucanía, which are sent into gastronomic questionnaires, which combine the craft arts with politics, sport and recreation.

As a result, consultation with the continuation of Patricia Maldonado in Mega and the ongoing conflict in his views and ensuring that he gave Mega's leadership everything he wanted to do, argued that "out of fear"

In this case, the lawyer lawyer made the morning center of the Bethia station, and make sure there is no tumor. "If there is a Pinochetista woman in Much Gusto, they should have a strong one on the other," he said.

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