Deportes Iquique sent "Feasgar Celeste" to stop due to the heavy waters that compare on the north

Iquique Sports He officially nominated the barriers to the traditions Celestial evening due to heavy waters that affect its & # 39; town in the last hours.

An The Northern Constabulary team had held Saturday games against Cobreloa at the Cavan Stadium, to show the consolidation of the Celestial Dragons for this Silein pensioner season.

However, this traditional event has been suspended this Saturday due to the difficult, unhealthy environment in the north of the country that created a high winter from Bolivia, causing water in the last hours. After that, the iquiqueño painting leader chose to send the event as a result of the home crisis.

"Due to heavy waters and disturbance for our fans, we have decided to stop Celeste Evening. We will provide more information within hours. Warning and strength for those who are badly bad, "Iquique's Sports published on their Twitter account.

Iquique will start in the National Championship of 2019 the next Saturday at 12:00 a.m. Curico United, in the Cavan stadium.

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