Despite the personal drama of Bezos, Amazon remains constant

First, it was an emotional tweet that he and his wife would. divorce divorced after 25 years of marriage. Then, a press release revealed that he had a business and published texts and pictures with his sweetheart.

As if that was enough to take away, now the world's most wealthy man and the Amazon Chief, Jeff Bezos, has dropped the National Advocate in a blogging post; Try to kill him by threatening to show closer images if he does not. Stopping a check on how they got the middle.

However, despite all personal drama, surveys and experts do not expect to have a bigger impact on Amazon, and # 39; A company that Bezos has moved from being a booklet on the internet forty years ago has become a world-class back.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, estimates that his / her impact will be affected; 0.000% company.

"I'm sure it's not important for investors," he said.

Others say that Bezos has balanced his duties by managing one of the largest sources in the world long ago; It aims to achieve other objectives: to run to & # 39; The Washington Post is a spatial research company and one of the most powerful newspapers in the country.

Amazon has a stable basis on long-term operators who run each of their business lines, which are likely to be able to; keep shelters quietly.

Despite this, it has not hindered the Speaker from questioning whether Bezos can make an effective guide to his / her. his company.

"All those messages (text) that create bad questions about the Bezos test as Head of the most prestigious company in the world," said the board in article 24 January.

Amazon based in Seattle refused to comment on Bezos. Earnings have not been significantly affected; company, falling at 1.6% at the end of the exchange on Friday.

At the same time, American Media Inc., a company with Enquirer, has a & # 39; Expresses that Bezos says he used to sweep and abstain until he published his article and said he was "working legally."

It is considered that the personalization of Bezos's non-debit is the same as the company, as opposed to the Tesla Director, Elon.

Musc, the behaviors, for example, has caused the stock of abduction to rise and fall.

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