"Do you lament that I do not think like you?": The strong debate between Alberto Plaza and Mariana Derderian

Alberto Plaza returned to the public not for his music, but again for polemic. The singer-songwriter questioned a Gender Identity Law and attacked Daniela Vega, saying that her "national actress" sees herself as a woman and I can not try to have the same idea. I'll see what I see, not what she is; see. I see a man who plays a woman's place"

"How could you be in a man's body than a woman? How can you get a woman before you body up? That means that the spirit or person in the spirit , and it seems that a woman is the spirit or being a spirit of Daniela Vega's spirit, took a corpse and how you could be a person before putting your body", Alberto Plaza was added at that time to Cooperativa.

The interpreter "Ahora es Miguel" also offers his book "Claro will not give it", why he visited "Welcome" Channel 13, a & # 39; meet well with Mariana Derderian.

"I know you've been talking about yesterday, and I wanted to use my answer, because it's important that I can respond to everything," said Alberto Plaza before animators and the morning panel, saying "And it's not a strategy, Tonka, it's just a book of editor of my opinion I've been thinking for many years."

But he was with the actress that she was involved in an argument, as Mariana Derderian told her for her words about Daniela Vega, healing her as "violent".

"But it's not the goal," said the singer, and Derderian replied "I do not believe that all the comments are valid, especially ideas that come from grain . " If you were told, you would not have said many of them. What you said, there are no ordinary or non-ordinary children, the schools are not wrong. "

Since then on a long argument on the screen it was commissioned for Glamorama:

Alberto Plaza: "Schools are not wrong?

Mariana Derderián: "When they support children who are living in this situation. No, they're wrong"

Plaza: "Duilich. The schools are very wrong. But in this case, when they support children, I also support them and give them support them "

Derderian: "You do not support them, Alberto … There is a different support. Do you know the definition of support?"

"You said, in relation to the schools, they were wrong. And I do not remember … they were fighting, it's a scoundrel and a the schools do. That's the same word that you gave "

Plaza: "I did not tell the schools"

Derderian: "It's in a video, Alberto"

Plaza: "Tell me something," but I did not mean the schools "

Derderian: "We could go back to review the failure, because I think that's what you said"

Plaza: "Duilich, Mariana. I will argue again that it is a racquet for those who teach early childhood children. We talk about Children who do not even think about what sexuality "

Derderian: "At the age of three, they know. I tell you, I have a small three year old girl, they know it all and their flags are marked. And I have not taught them if I'm ; they need to hit a cart, dinosaur or doll. I did not teach them. That's really wild "

Plaza: "And at that age, do they know how they are generating, influencing, sexuality?"

Derderian: "What do we need to do that?"

Plaza: "Is that what I say?"

Derderian: "You do not have to see that. They do not have sexual perspectives at that age. But they have an explanation of their interests and that is clear. If your son wants to steal the rouge , to paint his mouth, at the age of five, because he is obvious that he appears to his nature. Will you see it like that? "

Plaza: "She misses her horriblely, she laments you do not think like you"

Derderian: "No, not that that I'm disappointing. I do not know what your head is. For example, for me, it's a hate and messenger message. # 39; in the border. I believe that the boundaries of cereals, from where they come, for everyone "

Plaza: "I agree"

Derderian: "Then, when you say illegal statements, I do not know if that's your borders or not ending, because my baby's opinion is not considered. And I do not; Think of any idea as a debt similar to the one you published yesterday. So, I do not know if you have a limit, I do not know if you want to get into politics, not I do not understand. I do not understand you … "

Plaza: "Well, I understand that you do not understand me, but all my thoughts are delivered"

Derderian: "I do not understand you and I think you're very controversial. It's also very difficult to understand for the rest of the earthquakes"

Plaza: "I accept it and I understand"

Tonka Tomicic: "Do you want to be in politics?"

Plaza: "No, I'm not interested."

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