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Dogs might carry a dangerous virus for people

A recent study shows that a new subspecies of influenza which can affect dogs can be very dangerous to people.

A study carried out for 10 years suggests that dogs could be dangerous to people who may be dangerous. Influenza (or flu) is a type of flu virus that has been studied by University of Korea according to

In recent years, dogs had not been allowed to be treated as part of the flu screening. However, it was learned that several viruses arrived at the dogs at the beginning of this century (when flu was causing large flu conditions). This is known as 'H3N2', which knows it takes in an avian flu. But, at a particular time we could get our pets bodies and put it in the flu virus (CIV) t.

On his own, he is not very bothered. The problem is that it goes with another type of flu we have already known: the AH1N1. As we all know, “swine flu” as it was called in 2009, created after the pandemic of the great proportions. So it concluded that these viruses can be grouped within dogs and create a more dangerous one: the CIVmv..

It was found in the survey that some dogs were likely to catch the virus. At that time there were common symptoms of respiratory disease. These include breathing, coughing, rainfall, sneezing, windy and missing loss. This new type could be very dangerous for people.

Dogs might carry a dangerous virus for people

The disease in humans

Usually poultry meat testing is carried out to determine what virus can affect people. The reason is that the acidic acidic receptors are very similar to ours. This suggests that responding to a new virus is very similar to the response given. So Rare mammals are the best candidates to assess the level of risk that a new strain of flu is.

Thus, the prophecies were successfully tested: t the rabbits were infected by the virus's dogs. In addition, the animals that were predicted tended to be susceptible, but also the cats. When latter were open to infectious subjects, 100% had a disease and 40% died.

This is a matter of great concern, especially when people communicate regularly with dogs and cats. Attempts were made to make a vaccine, but the high levels of virus disorder have done this work difficult.

The CIV is currently celebrated in South Korea, China, Thailand and the United States. So far no diseases have been reported in people, but if it is, it is warned that it could be reconstructed with different types of human flu. Diseases of pandemics are not being achieved.

Dogs might carry a dangerous virus for people

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