Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


Despite a smooth opening, the level of local exchange was consistent with what happens outside, where the dollar is offset; strengthened. In addition, a copper will be lost to land.

Despite being & # 39; Starting on the day without huge shifts, the local money market did not get long to get in line with what's happening with money all over the world, with the next exchange rate to & # 39 ; reaches $ 680.

In the interbank market, finished activities were US $ 680.3, which is $ 5.1 in advance compared to Friday closing.

In this way, the local international route is linked to what is going on. And at this time is the money that comes up to & # 39; Falling in a block, but the multi-dollar dollar – is measured through the dollar register, which is differentiated by the world's basketball – rising 0.64% in three weeks.

Again, there are concerns about international growth that attracts attention among investors. And which impedes Asian figures is causing an increase in current risk reduction.

After Japan has published weak data on economic data and Chinese imports are slow, it's a fear of getting slower in global growth; highlighting emerging funds such as Silen's passport.

This contributes to the struggle between China and the United States. The new chapter of the series comes together with the Chinese government. The US ambassador called to Beijing after they were arrested in Canada's Huawei heiress, to seek a breach of sanctions against Iran.

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