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Dr. He was able to make a history in a year in which AIDS cures are made; continue to reach

Beanntan are currently altered, anti-HIV vaccines, and the unfavorable impact of cancer … Although many cases remain open, 2018 has been a good year in the year. a medicine course, a year in which a name appears over all, the Spanish Spadas Pedro, the god of those who are hoped to lose their entirety.

A year that has been rejected has been a good year for many in the field of medicine. It's a good deal of progress; Fortunately many professionals have achieved it with much effort and times of research. Unfortunately, others follow the great everlasting miracle that is going on. Continue to try to come.

Probably, the Valencian Pedro Cavadas is responsible for one of the most exciting news about 2018 as long as he has a cure; belong. Its list of miracles continues to & # 39; continues to become a successful full-time professional career and we hope we will continue to add a lot to it. And yes, he does not say that I'm calling miracles to your jobs. His long-term medical profession, the "impossible" issues with which he has solved his or her bad words, is better than his name by recognizing the world, the "wonderful doctor."

Cavadas has relied on milestones such as the first Spanish forward repository, The first one in the world to carry hands at the height of the geologists to the woman and to the reconstruction of two degrees, also around the world, as well as others of many surgical surgeons. And that is, as he has recognized, he is "usually without saying nothing."

Wilmer Arias is one of the & # 39; So, a 28-year-old four-year-old quadriplegic for a football stops and the Valencian surgeon would like to sit without having to go. feeling pain, something that the patient gave two interventions to reconstruct the entire spine and pelvis split, He says he's "amazing" after sad years.

Wilmer Arias is away from bed to be able to move around in a wheelchair: "Dr Pedro Cavadas has given me the second chance to stay alive".

The young man worked in the field from the age of seven years and went to school when he suffered an accident. "I played at nine o'clock with my cousins ​​near the home when a tight sheet went through the neck," he explained. After two months and a half in coma and after handling, as a result of his move, he started to grow his / her; grow in different areas of his body, the most difficult part in the sacral area, which has not been cured and grown up; grow over time.

According to Cavadas himself, a nurse told him about a young man with an ulcer on the sacrum who could not work in his home, but he did not "give any attention" because there was no He thinks he did not; can not be run. A few months later, when he was going out, he asked him to be brought to Spain.

"It was a big disease with the loss of the lower spine and pelvis. I was divided into two. That is different from sacral ulcer. D & # 39; he asked him to stay in bed all day and there was a situation that threatened life because he could suffer a brain disease and he died, "he said.

Program was recorded dual interaction: one for cleaning the range of effects and a position to be cooled out between the two, and another, lasting eight hours, to enter the pelvis into spine by flushing and skin from the foot.

After completing the whole process, both gave a news conference to explain what had already been baptized as a "wonderful" new of the Valencian doctor. "It's a beautiful story and that's why we're counting it, because we're doing every day," said Cavadas, who described Wilmer as "a very hard person", who Despite living in quadriplegic, "he can reside and sit his life before the accident."

Now Wilmer has come back to his studies, trying to make a masters degree in Digital Technology, which includes the Stock Exchange world and, in addition, "help anyone They have to return to what they have done for me. "

Brasil welcomes her & her; The first child in the world that is moved in a uterus that is pulled back

A few days ago the magazine The Lancet He will publish another one of the advances that will mark this in 2018. The first child introduced into uterus was relayed by a donor who died come to the world in a hospital in Brazil. Infants are often said to come under arms, but at the moment it is a? Hopefully thousands of women with fatigue problems come forward.

At present, the donation of the uterus can not be made from relatives, so that the options are reduced because many donors are not alive.

A 32-year-old patient was a person who was a patient; Repeated by uterine abuse, which invaded the uterus, lasted over 10 hours, in which the organs provided were attached to the windows, articles, his hurdles and lines. vaginal.

After seven months the patient did not leave the new organ and was spoiled, the pregnant eggs that resulted in the introduction of a pregnant woman. She was a healthy daughter; in the child born by the comedians section at 35 weeks and three days and surrounded about two and a half miles.

After delivery, the uterus was removed without any unusual detection, and three days later the mother and the child got out cure.

Previously, 10 other uterine repurchasements from dead donors were made in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey, but this is the first one to give birth to a living child.

In terms of the range of transitions, and a more national area, it should be noted Spain was going back again in 2017, without the next annual report, which itself recorded in donation and refining organs and is still a world-wide leader for 26 years after each other, and reaching "the best data in history": 46.9 million people (2,183 in total) and 5,259 transplants.

The most effective fight against a metastatic cancer

Most of the issues that are equivalent to death, the dates numbered are metastasis, a word. One of the advances that this year, one of the most important things, could be at # 39; gives hope to disease to prevent millions of life.

In recent months the news, a 49-year-old woman had been getting her & # 39; battle to chest cancer with other metastas organs after developing an innovative immunotherapy at the National Cancer Institute in the USA.

After almost two years cancer can not be found as a body, according to the magazine Natural medicine Laszlo Radvanyi, scientific director of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, told the test "Responding to the previous cancer in his advanced cancer. "

The cure should be & # 39; draw lymphocytes from one of the patients' illnesses, identifying those who are anti-cancer cells, but that is too short to improve the progress of illness, multiplication in the laboratory and 82,000 million lymphocytes return to attack the patient to the patient.

The new medicine, which came from Alena Gros to the Vall D 'Hebron Institute (VHIO) Institute, "a medicine that offers another option for patients with no other choice . " Despite being a great way, It is a personal remedy that is not yet ready to be applied on a large scale and will continue until 2024.

In Hebron's Vall, he could First patients should be treated in the second semester in 2019 once the method for attracting the lymphocytes in the laboratory and obtaining the necessary permits.

Researchers are hoping to expand the cure to fight other types of future cold porridge as well as meaning, ovarian, pancreatic and colorectal.

Millions of deaths worldwide, and in future statistics, are not a genuine bad cancer, of any kind, inconvenient. There are about 18.1 million people suffering from cancer for their & # 39; the first time and 9.6 million people will die in 2018, according to the latest estimates published by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), an intergovernmental body that is part of the World Health Organization (WHO).

To date, the lungs, the cancer and the cannibisil are the three main types of cancer in terms of trouble, and are classified among their first five in terms of dying (first, fifth, and second, separately). Together, these three types of cancer depend on one third of the cancer numbers and the cattle of death all over the world.

Cells against HIV

HIV, one of the diseases that, together with cancer, still has no definitive solution, and remains in a qualifying position in this section of medical developments this year. A group of researchers from Sida IrsiCaixa in Barcelona and Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid have been able to get out of their blood virus and five patient witches. After being involved in cell-cell transplants, five of the six patients with HIV decreased; virus that was not easily visible.

Research has shown that this patient, who has given a colon incentive, has a virus that can not be seen in blood and in knitting and even if there is not even a # 39; One of these is antibodies, which show HIV to be removed from his body, although according to experts, "Non-visible" does not mean that the virus is removed; in other words, it can still be present in normality.

The detection of this building of cellular cells is to open the door for design New cures to cure AIDS in the future.

The researcher of Maria Salgado, co-author of the article in which the study is detailed, explains why the drug is not the case; The treatment of HIV infection is a viral reservoir, the cells that have the disease with their virus. remain bad and are not found or destroyed by the defensive system.

Unfortunately, the final results. The next step is to perform a clinical test, controlled by doctors and researchers, to stop antiretroviral medicine in some of these patients and to protect them by verifying whether there is a viral breakdown and verification of whether the virus has been abolished from the organs.

The study has been based on the case Berlin's Patients, named Timothy Brown, A person with HIV that was transmitted in 2008 to cure leukemia.

The supporter named CCR5 Delta 32 had varied the protection of their blood cells from HIV, because it prevents its cell. virus to enter. Brown stopped having antiretroviral medicine and 11 years later the virus still does not; reflects the blood, which is considered the only person in the world cured by HIV.

From the beginning of the crisis, Over 70 million people have contracted HIV infection and about 35 million people have died. Today, about 37 million people worldwide live with HIV, and 22 million of these are treated.

In terms of the disease and the progress made to remove it, we can produce one of the most controversial numbers from the last few years. Scientist scientist and genealogist D, Jiankui, at the end of November, created his first baby to genetically change so that they resist their & # 39; virus, creating a debate about the ethical boundaries of the investigation, especially when the people who are mentally ill are people.

After the argument that was created, the investigator expired the controversial and today it does not know where it is. The World Health Organization said that it analyzed Jiankui's impact on ethical, social and safety impacts, Despite the Chinese authorities being criticized, he received public subsidies.

Alzheimer's, Ebola and many diseases continue, and unfortunately, they will continue, and # 39; send life to billions of people all over the world despite their progress, even though they help to # 39; Looking to the future with hope. And who, who knows, can 2019 be the year in which cancer treatment appears?

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