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Eating mushrooms reduces brain dementia

Mushrooms are recommended for old people / Photograph: Pixabay© Mariana Vidal
Mushrooms are recommended for old people / Photograph: Pixabay

Six years ago, scientists at the National University of Singapore surveyed people over 60 to study their brain's brain damage process, which is more common in people of higher age. T

For this, two sides were absorbed: their health and food they brought in each day. Second, an fungus was important because they noticed people eating two times a week reducing the chance of experiencing emotional sensory impairment (MCI, with the acronym there). English to 50%.

Why is this happening? The presence of fungi which contain fungi called ergothioneine (ET) has the ability to be an anti-antizone and anti-spherical antibody, a combination that the human body cannot develop by itself; t is at lower levels than usual with people with a mental impairment.

For this reason, the researchers recommended a size of 300 grams of mushrooms, even if you want to eat them in a smaller quantity then it is also possible to have benefits.

Other parts of the brains also contain mushrooms for health-care such as "Cordycep, a witch identified as a very good remedy for treating cancer." Newer studies also show that there are powerful but fiery properties that might be visiting every person who suffers: asthma, asthma with rheumatism, failure of rheumatism. T and a destruction caused by a stroke, "he names in his blog, Dr Mercola.

This is how fungi work to reduce the risk from mental disorder, which may be problematic as sorting out or sorting out problems.

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