Emergency urgency for conviction

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Welsh Health Authorities yesterday will revitalize their efforts in the face of dengue, who already wants three lives in the region.

As part of the measures, they said that the tolerance jobs will increase in the towns with the highest level of larvae stones, one in the morning and one in the evening, during the hours in which the mosquit leaves.

In addition, they identify mega-contribution at the boundaries of the cities that end up on their; The Principal Business.

Alcides Martínez, one of the United Nations Health Services Network (RISS) explained that Villanueva, Puerto Cortés, Choloma, San Manuel and Potrerillos are in an emergency situation, so the fumigation day that is scheduled for next week It is intended that the influence of these people does not affect San Pedro Sula, which is so far in the state of warning.

"The aforementioned towns are trying to behave as a disease, so they need a broad approach.

We will close the nebulization device, eliminate hydraulic devices, but increase the steps of improvement and prevent the communities to accept the roll so that they do it; cleaning houses, because this is the greatest effect in reducing the issues, "Martinez said.

He said that the time of his family will begin in a complex season, as in those days many people will leaving their homes for several days and the vessels with water are left without any scrutiny.

Previously, he cited the people who travel so they will not leave batteries full or any other vessel that may be a breeding place for the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Raúl Ugarte, president of the Honduras Township Association (Amhon), presided that families change the battery water at least once every six days and give 10 minutes a week to dispose of & # 39 eggs in their homes. houses

Cecilia Ordóñez, euthanologist of the Department's Department of Health, has so far 1,308 cases of dengue to date, with very serious adverse effects. Last year they were 466.

In town

Abel Ortega, the head of Integrated Metropolitan Area Health Services Networks, said that the number of cases in San Pedro Sula had risen in the past weeks and not rapidly absorbing there is a danger that a & # 39; break in the towns around their city, help the problem to become more intense.

Ortega explained that the total number of dengue cases circulated in the city, which was reported on the same time in 2017, was nearly 636, nearly twice as many as 380.

He said they fortified work in colonies such as Chamelecón, Fesitranhn and Rivera Hernández.

Juan José Leiva, health director of Health, said they are trying to get an Emergency Committee; Baile (Codem) for the Interactive Board to add more staff to the work that causes them to do so; hindered him.

He said they have killed 58 interventions throughout the year, and control over 20,000 homes that have earned around 90,000 samples.

"We need to be more aggressive if we do not want to kill people in our home. We believe we have done a good job, but we need to work to raise awareness built among the people so they can do it, "said Leiva.

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