ESA will launch Cheops' satellite in 2019 to explore exoplanets

PARIS.- An European Spanish Association (ESA) today announced the launch of the campaign Cheops satellite, specialized in extrasolar planets (exoplanets), between October 15 and November 14, 2019, according to the entity in a statement.

Ceops will disappear in the Soyuz carrier rocket from the Kourou European space space (French Guiana) and run by French Arianespace company.

The satellite "monitors every clear star in which extrasolar plans are known, especially those with a size that bend between" Earth and Neptune ".

"When you know the plants, Cheops will know exactly when and where to ask the exoplanet to be taken while it's going through the star. It allows to see Give a lot of transits to each planet with scientists to measure the size of small planets, "he said.

Cheops is now in Spain to "complete their final exams before they are announced to be suited to be launched early in 2019" after completing a series of "environmental exams" at ESA's technical center in the Netherlands.

Inside the Soyuz, it will be a voyage section with another device, in the # 39; In this case, one of the four soldiers that belong to the # 39; Italian communication, Cosmo-SkyMed.

Shortly after the "split of the two satellites at the same time in their own orbits, with Cheops operating in the low orbit of Earth, at a height of 700 km," explained its group.

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