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Falabella investment plan for 2019

A digital strategy will define 37% of resources, which compare to the 32% the plan has been announced annually.

When arriving in Mexico, Linio's buying, the Ikea partnership with the opening of stores, shopping and distribution centers. The last two years have been moved specifically for the Falabella group, but it seems that the company is not willing to. gives place in the competitive retail industry.

The company connected to Solari and Del Río families updated its investment plan, amounting to US $ 4.2 billion for the period 2019-2022, which compares to US $ 3.9 billion from the previous. Falabella stated that the exchange rate was lowered, the plan is 11.2% higher and will be reinforced by operating costs aimed at the digital format of its company.

As the move was, it was all that was done; relate to the other the highest position. In this opportunity, 37% of the resources will be used to inform the development of information technologies and logistical infrastructure initiatives, and in Last year 32% of the budget.

The aims of the current plan include "continuing to develop a corporate and digital ecosystem that provides a comprehensive response to customers, and consolidates their presence in the department, and do more deeply than commercial offer. "

"In this way, it will develop the standardization through BI and Artificial Intelligence, strengthen cybersecurity and the growing growth of Linio, a regional market that was received in August 2018," he said in a statement.

In a corporate way, its company will have a & # 39; allocates US $ 1,428 million in the department to open five retail centers and 95 stores, especially in areas where there is no presence, including the development of Ikea's form in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

There are 504 stores in the company and 43 shopping centers. There were no 20 sales points last year, where one of the most important milestones opened its first three stores in Mexico under the Sodimac brand. In addition, seven sources were closed during the time, one in Peru, one in Chile and four in Brazil.

The growth plan will also consider US $ 1,218 million for the best places; Now, by expanding and restoring it with the aim of strengthening the position of messages itself, Develop Cliocadh & Coille places and provide better access between the different digital and corporate channels.

Corporate general manager, Gaston Bottazzini, explained that "Falabella is making the repository that supports the future growth of its company, and we are building a integrated services system allows us to provide our clients throughout the area at any time and where we want. We are confident that this will consolidate Falabella as the most appropriate digital and physical ecosystem in Latin American . "

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