Firefighters set fire to rely on the mystery of El Bosque's law

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– @bomberosmetrosur (@Bomberos_MetSur) March 31, 2019

Firefighters fought on a fire on Sunday afternoons independence relies on the Municipality of El Bosque Municipality, in the southern province of the Metropolitan Division.

Precognition has suggested the fireworks were heightened public awareness and several Santiago laborers worked to clear the flames.

Municipal Divisional Mayor, Karla Rubilar, he noted that "firefighters and town officials are working in the fight against the fire that is impacting on the Homecoming of El Bosque."

“Starting information shows that there has been damage in the bailiff's office, in baptismal clergy and advice. The scatter seems to have been fast"he let him put the factor.

Smoke can be misty looking from different parts of the southern region of the Metropolitan Division.

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