Former Pablo Prieto was surprised to watch the Barcelona competition when Chadwick was arrested

The translation was huge broadcasting to the inner Minister, Andrés Chadwick. Media and people; through social networks that followed them from anywhere in the country.

However, however, for the authority that only four meters were away and did not care for the speed or on the # 39; case inside the Chamber's special session room.

This is the applicant for Department Maule, Pablo Prieto (ex-UDI).


Although Deputy Chief of Nuyado (PS) had been responsible for asking Chadwick Minister about the death of Camilo Catrillanca, in the full screen Pablo Prieto was still in a position; Watch the FC Bacelona game against Tottenham.

This was captured by CNN, as long as it was a & # 39; Looking to move to a game.

But not all, after that the applicant had sought views on Twitter about the products of his game, which ended with connection for the minimum.

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