Frank Kudelka and the U want to buy and sell steel

César Valenzuela and Jimmy Martínez are worried about the University of Chile. The two "brains" of Huachipato are the largest assistants in the First Division. Claudio Sepúlveda is also the goal.

Universidad de Chile is trying to revitalize the habitat and this has reflected on the best supporters of the Scotiabank National Competition 2018.

César Valenzuela, head of this statistic, and Jimmy Martínez, this second thing, Those who have seized Frank Kudelka's attention (red in the image), how did he recognize it? CDF News.

The two Huachipato players are and they share clothes with Claudio Sepúlveda, another of the azuales objectives that appear in the Argentine technology priority list.

At the same time as another operation that connects the U with Huachipato, the blues still contain; considering paying $ 2 million with Yeferson Soteldo. They already paid the loan for over one million dollars and lack of effective buying option. For now, in any situation, they hope to make another loan from the Venezuelans.

Kudelka hopes it will be on January 3, when students' pre-season starts, all the confirmations are requested. To achieve it, Blue Blue has already confirmed the security of Diego Carrasco and finally Ignacio Jara and Pablo Parra are closed, both of Chobreloa in Primera B.

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