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Germán Lanaro: Puch will give us the quality jump we need in the Libertadores Cup

The defender at the Catholic University was the suggestion of the Iquique conflict.

At the same time, he was happy with the revival in the "hard-haired".

Defense from Catholic University, Germán Lanaro, talk to him PM outdoors where he praised the new attack on the "hard", Edson Puch, and he was happy with his regeneration.

A defender told the "edge" about the Iquiquenian "that he is a player who fought the top three in the last market, which means that he has been in & # 39 ; doing things well and that it's an important player. It gives us the best we need to include, not just the competition, but also the Libertadores Cup. "

Thus, the Argentinians were convinced of the agreement for continuity in the overarching overthrow "I'm glad because it was something I wanted and the club had shown me like that too. Then in the middle of the technological change that needed a little wait to find out how the talks were given and we came to an end in a good port. "

In terms of the new UC strategy, Gustavo Quinteros, Said Lanaro himself "It's a well-known technology, its curriculum supports many things that it is doing. But now he is finding new staff that he needs to know. We hope, if you are able to confirm confirmation, do it as soon as possible. as far as possible to get a fast army team. "

Finally, the challenge of students in the case Cup Libertadores the transandino said "we talked about the team and we agree that our company is tough, but we are confident that we can take a good part. what we did in the national field that we can do again internationally ".

"It is the intention to put short-term, step-by-step and then co-operate with matching, not easy, that is why it is important that We're good, we have two players for each situation and the struggle for the job is tough. We believe a lot that we can go too much and we can see how their military group is due to & # 39; There is still a team to explain, what we started, "he said.

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