Glamorama Eye against each other

Author: A. C / 8 December, 2018

At this time Nicole Moreno moved to "darker side".

Lulu is named Luli, known as the name Lulu and Niara, who was famous, although her old Rodro Rocco polo was sleeping, she gave her cell phone, He reviewed it and removed it; Generic video by Instagram's other woman.

Nicole gave a detailed statement of truth behind the crack that was held last October. Then, he appeared in the busy video Intagram for a few fingers where Rocco was able to recognize, but not his companion.

Shortly after Moreno denied that she was. And now he painted the whole picture at the end of Chilevisión animated evening by Pamela Díaz, Jen Philippe Cretton and Felipe Vidal:

Jean Philippe Cretton: "In October of this year, uploaded a video uploaded to your Instagram stories. What happened? How did the video be uploaded? Is it a reason?"

Luli: "I'm going to tell you the truth, I'm honest. At that time I was in relation to the ones I had and we went on a trip. We were ready and we were lasting a year and a half.

"We ended in July. From July to August we were very isolated, each of them. I live on my stand in a way that I am still … That's it, it's a # 39; I lived on living there. I was in mourning, so to speak. I was respecting him, I had no boy, I was not unhappy, non- dependent we ended.

"This boy, Rodrigo, seems to have been a girl. I'm a great man and I do not want to leave her badly.

"Finally, Rodrigo took hold of me that I realized the relationship he had with her for a month. He was single for 20 days and then he was with this girl. The same looks very bad her, because she believed himself and everything.

"This land took care of him and asked me and he invited me to Punta Cana. There was indeed a settlement and everything. It's obvious that there were pretty fragments, good hours, bad weather , bad weather.

"This man was always telling me bad, he was with her because she had the opportunity to become a hairdresser salon. El weón, Rodrigo Rocco, between mamajuana and mamajuana in Punta Cana"

Cretton: "It's a humorous drink"

Luli: "Instead of mmm … he stayed raja. At that time he was watching his phone. Now I tell this like this, because I got about already. I left the cell phone next, I started to see who, what I did, I liked and liked. Intruder And whoever wants to always find it.

"Among those pictures and videos, I found that video. I sent it to my WhatsApp"

Pamela Díaz: "But what does everything have to do with this?"

Luli: "Now it's coming. We came back, we gave us an opportunity. He never changed. One day we were arguing at Alto Las Condes, arguing badly. He spoke to me in a way that he did not answer, he told me what I asked, which affected me as a woman.

"What did I do? I named my girlfriend, and I was with her for … &, I do not know what she is & 39 ; Also, do not let me know.

"I said, look, and here ?, Can I raise it up? & # 39; And the picture came back to me, because the video is yes, I admit, I put it up. in anger, because at the time it was very bad, he told me ugly things "

Diaz: "Did you upload their video and then down it?"

Luli: "Then I said," I would not like to do it for me, "and I thought about it, about this one"

Diaz: "But you did not name a name in the video, anything"

Luli: "No, it came and I put it up. It did not last anything, 10 seconds. Instead of thinking about this boy, I said," I'm going to clean it & # 39 ;. But then everyone thought it was me.

"No one can say, and I tell them, to men, no one can say that they get a video from me. It's not a polo, not me, or no in the future, or anything. I did not record myself. I find it quite normal, but I have not done it and that person can not say about it either. "

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