Google maps are amazingly adding to the game Nath because of "April Day"

Google Maps is balanced all week with the iconic game through the smartphone app and desktop version.

Google Maps is linked to the nation's identity Color Fool in Apriland a new look at the iconic game Arcade snake. Now users can enjoy the legendary game through time Google maps tagging.

Remember that April Flask Day is the same as the day of the innocent for the Anglo-Saxons and other countries, and that's why Mountain View is performing this type of joke in a game. Classic and funny of the Nokia snake.

Although not a most advanced graphical activity, its main aim is to reach customers. This is why it will be available throughout the week of our Google mapping request.

Google Maps contributes to the Snake game by April

Google Maps brings the Classics

If you want to play the funny game of the snake, you first have to make sure the app is Scotland's most recent version is available. Then, you need to enter the menu of settings in the interface against the maps and click on the section you want "Play the snake."

Google Maps contributes to the Snake game by April

Similar to the classic version, in this case you have control over a train that can be used in 7 different objectives: Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo and an alternative is the name "the rest of the world. "

Not the graphic nor the player is the best thing in the world, but the game fulfills the responsibility for it to be taken into the domains of the maps, making it fun. Also, this keeps everything fundamental of the mythical version many years ago, because you can't beat the walls and you have to be quick enough to turn the train as it has a t at a fast pace.

There are larger cities with more difficulty in the game than others, but ultimately it is dependent on the ability of each user to develop the sport archive. It's remembered that Google sent the game through it all week and he started playing today as a result of the celebration of the non-English people.

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