Group SK profits fell by 11.5% in September due to the loss of engineering and construction

Sigdo Koppers SK

The steady increase in the income of Sigdo Koppers (SK) increased by 2.3% compared to September 2017, reaching US $ 1,678.4 million, based on a higher level of business sector sales, explained by higher corporate sales in Enaex and Magotteaux.

The Accredited EBITDA stands out in September 2018, which reached US $ 211.3 million, 5.9% higher than the same period of the previous year. This product is related to a better operating product in Magotteaux and Fepasa, and improved rental performance and the distribution of the SK Comercial machinery industry.

On the other hand, Web Income reaches US $ 45.9 million, which is $ 39.9 million. a fall of 11.5% over the third quarter of 2017, particularly due to the loss recorded in Sigdo Koppers Engineering and Construction, from the work of Talara in Venezuela. This also affects the rise in the rate of tax rates effective, as the tax deducted related to a loss stated in Talara is not a result; registration.

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The results of Sigdo Koppers subsidiary companies show mixed output to & # 39; celebrating better performance in Magotteaux, and a higher level of sales in the machine distribution industry in Chile, determined by the negative performance of the Engineering and Construction industry due to problems in jobs in Peru and more profitable lower in the product of SK Inversiones Automotrices of low frequency hours and conditions of exchange rate in the car sales industry.

Undertaking subsidiary companies

Engineering and Construction SK (ICSK)

This company recorded 13.2 million times per person (+ 17%), according to the highest level of projects awarded. On the other hand, the EBITDA pro-forma of ICSK called COP 4,396 million, which represents a worse product of 252% compared to the third quarter of last year. This active loss is largely related to loss from the Talara fine project in Peru. Thus, ICSK showed a net call of $ 9,504 million (-US $ 15 million), which represents a poorer product for CLP $ 8,228 million in September 2017. This loss is also Increase also because the fees associated with the loss are not recorded. in Talara. The money is back to 3Q-18 and reaches $ 589 million that is a a fall of US $ 39 million compared to June this year (the results of the Talara project represent $ 47 million of Backlog).

Port Windows (PVSA)

PVSA moved totally 4.3 million tonnes (+ 3%), taking into account high carbon and grain movements. Fepasa built 823 million Tons-Km (+ 14.8%) for its, which marked the increase in copper assembly.

So, EBITDA of Puerto Ventanas came together with $ 33.9 million, which represents

An increase of 13%, due to better operating performance than a Fepasa subsidiary. For that, the

Total Venture of $ 14.2 million Shared Puerto Ventanas, which represents

It will fall by 8% compared to September 2017.


Enaex received a sale of 671,000 tonnes of explosive (+ 7%), and thanked higher services

fragment of rock in Brazil. Enact Enaex has won $ 119.5 million

to the third quarter, showing a slight decrease of 0.8%, largely defined by lower yield from the service division of rock breakdown in Chile.

As a result, Enaex Total Benefit achieved $ 55.6 million, which represents a 5% drop

September 2017.


Magotteaux received a sale of $ 528 million (+ 6%) online with higher corporate sales (+ 1%)

Most in the wear industry. EBITDA Magotteaux won $ 45.8 million in the third quarter, 25% more than in September 2017, defined by revival in a working edge. So Magotteaux Buannachd Lom received US $ 10.9 million, which represents an increase of 58% compared to September 2017.

Pressure (Millibars)

SK Comercial's income of US $ 193 million (+ 1.3%), led by the area

sale of machinery. EBITDA reached $ 25.6 million, which represents a 49% growth compared to

for that period 2017. As of September 2018, SKC gave a Lom Profit of US $ 1.2 million,

is largely defined by a small revival of a machine market in Chile, along with a

An extraordinary profit from selling a piece of land with the restructuring of SKC. A Peruvian market is about to Removal of tools is still very contracted.

SKBergé / SK Investments Automotive (SKIA)

SKBergé recorded 68,773 units, representing a 19% increase compared to September 2017. This growth was in clear sales in Chile (+ 28%) and abroad (+ 8%). Despite the above, SK Inversiones Automotrices a & # 39; Net profit registration of $ 10,157 million (US $ 17 million), which is lower than those found in the same period of 2017 (CLP -26%), the result of the lower operating and operating conditions. loss due to exchange rate differences (strong reduction of Argentine Peso in the second and third quarter of 2018).

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