Havana Havana Radio | Turkey: nanotechnology development for early cancer diagnosis

Turkey: nanotechnology development for early cancer diagnosis

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Istanbul, December 12 (RHC) Two students from Istanbul University of Technology (ITU) have developed a mini lottery that helps to detect early cancer, reports on Saturday Sabah newspaper.

Following a two-year research in the Mechanical Machinery Department of the ITU Mehmet Tugrul, 24, and Berke Erbas, 23, they designed a notebook that works as a meter of sugar, and verifies whether there are cancer cells at the person in the blood or not

The project, identified by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (Tübitak), will allow users to make the device a personalized diagnostic and that experiments can be made in the show environment, Erbas explained to the media.

He explained that there is already a research on this topic around the globe, with the aim of cancer meters early to diagnose in five or 10 year medications, which allow them to take care of against cancer. (Source / PL)

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