He thought it was a mistake but he saved his life


The new Apple watch it comes to an unpublished activity. This includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) on your arm and according to previous models did not have a & # 39; confirm only the effects, this new post He will evaluate rhythm and heartwork as well as the medical examination.

This new duty, which is available just a few days ago, is the one who saved the life of a user of the Reddit social network, called "edentel." An unidentified patient tells him to renew his watch (to activate the ECG) and start to & # 39; Getting unconscious heart rate information: "Atrial fibrillation. You should talk to your doctor," said the clock.

The ECG new test user performed and the ECG screen showed the same message: "atrial fibrillation", Try it again and again and keep the device with the same message so he thought it was a software error and he did not notice it.

ECG adoption

The next day, in the morning, he put his wife's watch and examined the ECG, "all the usual and me," atrial fibrillation "that the user identified, and decided to co- Consulting by an expert. Although he was going to return so he could not park, "I looked at her; clock and I said atrial fibrillation & # 39; again, "said Edentel.

Once at the time of the consultation, He asked somewhat embarrassing: "There's a new post in the clock, it's foolish but can we prove this?"

This view made a priority in the question. The doctor went into the room, looked at the screen and said "you should buy an Apple section, maybe he saved your life". The doctor told him he had read about the work and that he expected he could see an increase in the consultations but he did not expect to see at the beginning of the day.

ECG has been achieved by a Reddit user in a medical consultation

An Atrial fibrillation causes a faster and irregular heart rate, which causes more chance of cardiovascular disorders because "higher-intensity windows work in chaotic and irregular, unconnected with the lower windows" according to the Mayo Clinic website.

The name user is already better, several medicines have been ordered and his heart rate and blood pressure were normalized.

Although the Apple Watch 4 Series is available in Chile, ECG function is not capable of being used outside the United States Waiting to be agreed with different countries health organizations.

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