Health Department O 'Higgins officially published to complete HIV test

In Picarquín, the town of San Francisco de Mostazal, Seremi de Salud, in conjunction with O Hellins Health Service, officially took part in the rapid adoption of HIV early examinations, involving 38 young people native to the first one, of five thousand tests already available for submission within this year's term.

These health jobs will be carried out in 33 departmental societies, where the demand is, more HIV tests will be managed for their first 2019 semester, as well as confirmation of messages so that people are aware, the test will be done and use the correct condom.

The Seremi Health O. Higgins, Dr. Rafael Borgoño, at the junior youth meeting of the Macro Central District, has been able to interact with young people, saying "we have made a positive response first, for the same we are sure The Rapid Test reaches all those who want it in the department, break down barriers, simple modes and accessibility improvements, which are within the priorities of President Sebastián Piñera. "

Ana María San Martín, national manager of the HIV and HSE Health Ministry program, was present at the event; Francisca Prado, oversees HIV Program and STI Seremi de Salud O & Higgins; and Catherine Leiva, who is heading the Health Service HIV Program, which emphasizes his / her; Ultimately, "we know if a person with HIV can allow us to start treatments in good time."

It is important to comment on that in the O & Higgins area from 2007 to December 2017, 1,309 cases were sent and from January 2018 to September 2018 there are 149 confirmed cases. In 2010, 102 cases were reported and in 2017, 164 cases were confirmed, according to an increase of 61%.

The "Rapid HIV Test" is a test test used for HIV to be confirmed and has a 100% special. It is done by breaking a branch and a & # 39; subtracting a drop of blood, which is then put into a device and after 15 minutes of waiting, the result will be given to the patient. If the person who made it donated as a reactive result, it is co-ordinated by the health team to carry out an ELISA test, which must be ratified by the Public Health Institute ( ISP).

This test does not require a medical order or preparation for the test, the requirement of the Identity Charter is to be carried out, people over the age of 14 can, if there are up to 14, can to do so, but with the authority of parents or legal carers

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