Heavy Heavy Exhaustion Theft against the children's crisis: Tonka Tomicic's sentence about Bishop Durán who gave him damage

On Saturday morning 13, they discussed news about it Bishop Eduardo Duránthat appeared receiving a sum of almost 30 million pesos part of the faithfulness of the evangelical church.

This information was published on 23 January when he reached the High Complexity East Office to report the accused The context of the search for the permissible cleaning money. Then he explained the million figures he received for decimals, as well as The decline of cats and the possessions acquired since he became a pastor.

In a legal case, he said what resources it gets to get & # 39; given to ten pastors so that they can be used in their church; long as it is A further nine million are given to his children and his daughter. For this, a sum of it 13 million pesos used for personal use of Durán.

In the middle of the debate created in the Welcome panel, Tonka Tomicic launched a questionnaire, which ended to be questioned strictly by users of social networks: "I prefer to win, to keep the 30 million guardians, to be mishandling. In other words, everything that is happening in the Roman Catholic Church, so it's worried ", they gave conviction to the proxy.

"Both are uncertain, in different parameters, but I feel that I'll put on the head and explain, and what about The other side too? ", He said, what Carlos Zárate told him that there are two things that do not have "similar things".


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