Heberprot-P: A challenge challenge is still standing

HAVANA.- There is a registration in almost 30 countries from each side and a group of 290,000 patients treated since the ten years ago, some Heberprot-P performances, the only drugs in the T- world to deal with darkness in the world. a religious foot.

Indeed, the disease, which is believed to have a discharge spread throughout the world, is very tall on the island, with figures that respond to it; million people who suffer from it.

But the research associated with this drug and the checks does not stop it. Its developers, from Center for Genealogical Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) now seeks that the rubbish, which is not the active device; grow epidermal, less vulnerable to the patient.

It is managed directly into knitting knives, which includes the criteria with the thread, at a depth of 0.1 centimeters.

Such an approach is sometimes painful to the patient, especially in the boundaries and the basis of the defects at the time of the application, explained to this reporter of the Cuban Scientist Jorge Berlanga, the chief of the study.

A group of forms of the CIGB is working in & # 39; find a new medicine form, of the renowned nomination forms that are marked by a pattern of distribution spread over time.

The aim is to reduce the number of cures, with this idea we work.

"In this way, if some of the other options are achieved, it would be a step forward, but also a major challenge. We should see how the abolition responds to the presence of a continuous freedom presence, as the creditor changes, this is a challenge "Berlanga explains.

But there is no special drug available for patients to deal with this medical problem, not a solution. Scientists argue that work is a barrier to work, especially in a country where the prejudices are; shows that adults aged over 60 years of age are a third of the population in the middle of the world.

As well as being a social problem, from the economic opinion it is essential to stop the progression of basic care illness, as many injuries are handled to be addressed and closed in the first stages, where there is no a lot of severe diseases.

In this way, direct and indirect costs within health systems are reduced. This helps the economy of families and also their country, explained.

At the same time, for a number of years now, a reality reporting community has been aiming to put in place better epidemiological strategies to deal with the diseases that may be ahead, Alejandro Hernández, director of the Institute of Physiology and Physiology, explained to this reporter. the AngioCaribe 2016 cause.

The development of prevention programs at primary school care levels, so that they can not get difficult situations in a patient, one of the buildings, he said.

At that time, the entity examined the Mechanism and disorder of empty vacant diseases in Cuba, to find out how often these diseases are on the island.

From his findings he found out that the remote biological diseases appear Cuba Among the top 10 causes of death (seventh place), with a total mortal rate of 25.5 per 100 000 residents, so it is necessary to complete comprehensive translation strategies, as the statistics say, in the world, in the case of remote arterial disease, two-thirds of people suffering from them are terrible and unidentified.

In these situations, the previously mentioned scientific centers have been configured to & # 39; International Conventions to control diabetes and the most difficult problems, which combines researchers from both sides and a large US representation.

Indeed, an American country has an interest in getting this drug available. At the beginning of the year, the Cuban Heber Biotec company, the CIGB and the American company Mercurio Biotec, agreed to engage in the Heberprot-P medication. diabetes foot ulcer in the northern nation, once it has been agreed with Drugs Administration and Food from that country (the FDA, for its expression in English).

Scientists from the United States and colleagues from other parts of the world will be able to learn about the latest developments in the treatment of this disease in five, including. Limits of diabetes, the state of the art in the treatment of injuries medicine, as well as the delivery of health programs for the overall care of people with diabetes.

These contribute to cardiovascular problems associated with diabetes and the introduction of health programs for the general care of people with diabetes.

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