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Here are the characters of Harry Potter who were about to kill J.K. Snow

Author Harry Potter was trying to delete some of the best characters in the series …

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Harry Potter is one of our favorite sagas, and many of our favorite characters have been very unhappy, as many of us have stole our hearts.

However, Rowling was going to take on life a number of the main characters in the series, make sure who made a decision to regret:

1. Harry Potter:

J.K. Rowling gave a bad idea of ​​how we killed our hero, fortunately the author gave over this sad idea, because he was Feeling it would be a terrible break for fans of the saga, so he decided Harry had to recover his life and his life after Voldemort was suspended.

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2. Ron Weasley:

Rowling had promised not to kill one of the three main characters in the series, but in the middle of the story the author discussed and was about giving his life Ron, we're glad he is not!

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3. Arthur Weasley:

In the Phoenix Order, the Braes father was going to go to # 39; died after a snake attack, but Rowling agreed that Arthur needed to live for this reason: "I think it's the reason why I never killed him because there are not many parents in the books. Indeed, Artair Weasley could be the only good father"

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4. The parents of everyone:

After returning to power, Voldemort had prepared a terrible revenge, he wanted to destroy all Hogwarts students as he did with Harry's dad! Here's what the author said: "I wanted it to be a replica of Harry's experience to be able to show Voldemort's most Violent Abuse"

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5. Fortescue Florean:

Remember that the owner of a small but-frozen ice cream shop in Diagon Alley? The character never appears in the films, but in the books he helps Harry with homework. The author's plans were more important for this character, but at his / her; Eventually, she decided to ban her story and so she died at the deaths of Deaths.

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Do you think our heart could affect the death of any of these characters?

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