Hermes Grove: "We can not continue on a wrong wrong way and mishandling" National

The general director of Carabineros, Hermes Grove, is expressed by the whole group on a video game with a video conference to tackle the current emerging crisis; happening.

In an official statement, the general includes its "face-to-face" of the latest events in which special members of our areas have been involved, which have severely damaged the Our image and its invitation to the speaker Adopt strict management measures and pain"

Clearly Case of Catrillanca, Soto emphasizes "a social quiz base is based on great breach, which is capable of being & # 39; hiding incredible dangers of normal policing, explaining more accurately the accuracy of errors to the public. "

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According to Soto, this crisis is not "happy but those who use the media and social networks regularly, revitalizing our work, because it represents the social order ".

"People, residents of this country, who are searching for affecting core institutions. And to them, with this kind of activity, we give them reasons to achieve their dark goals, "he said.

The general said that "as professionals we are, we can not continue to have the wrong step to lie, of poor energy, in terms of unnecessary use of force and less uncertain use of weapons ".

"That is not the law, the legal rule, our management framework and our responsibilities. It is very easy and it is clear to say that our divisions are surrounded. It is not like that. No one can tell them better than the law, when they can stop, when they can use a force and where they can use the weapons that the State uses, to give effect to the law, "he said.

In addition, he said that "we are professionals, governmental and disciplinary, we are organs of the Chile State, We are not independent or independent. I declare that you do not have to be unhappy with those concepts. The Carabiners in Chile, we are subject to the constitutional and legal provisions that operate the State ".

"We need to change the course. The country will change, the society will change and we, as an organ of the State, have to make changes to these changes. Today, the demands are bigger, social control is harder and in front of us we have to give dispute responses, "he said.

Finally, Soto stressed that "the center is injured in one of the essential columns: in beliefs in front of their societies. And it has been, in particular, for performing some of our people. "

"The Customs officers are good men and women are basics; not because the Constitution or the laws require it, but as we have been born from inside. As the path we have chosen, and there they are, to show it, the brave actions of more than a thousand martyrs, "he closed.

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