Hermes Soto without a credit line

In La Moneda they say that the officer still has support from the government, but his achievements and in particular his leadership is questioned not only in the political world and with his , a governing party itself, but also within the policing area of ​​its own uniform. Their enemies, they said in the center, had been alive, and the General Rivera service was retired this week indicating that his leadership capacity was increasing growth of regulation.

Although Hermes Soto still has support from the Government to remain a general director of Carabineros, he can not be calm. There are too many open paths, within political conflicts and within the institute, leaving no place for new, second or noisy mistakes in bad flavor for La Moneda avoid how the move in the # 39; A heroic month who has opposed the police's uniform and administration Sebastián Piñera after Camilo Catrillanca's crime at the hands of Jungla Comando.

From the Palace, the transitory draft is that General Soto will not resign his office just eight months after being appointed and, if less, his job is closely tied to a decision between – Piñera International to consolidate the High Command of Carabiners in depth, after the crisis received by the millennium of "Pacogate" and the Operation Hurricane fiasco. Without the move with which the current administration was & # 39; debate, to do what the government had previously done and that's why it's today's focus on today's La Moneda, it makes it difficult for them to think about the end of their & # 39; police to get uniform.

Likewise, Soto can not be calm, too, some do not believe it's a? hung by a thread and one of the reasons is because strong questioning is being led in its own domains. Carabineros resources agree that Franzani's Christian destiny, Internal Ministers ask it secretly – to eliminate the Soto logo among the soldiers. Franzani, who was the leader of the Order and Security and the Ministry of Public Administration; emphasizing his reserves in La Araucanía after the Catrillanca crime.

Indeed, General José Luis Rivera did not replace Franzani, just a few days in the office and said to the papers "I leave, I do not want my family to take it out I'm tired of everything. "Soto asked him not to retire at least until now, so that he will not stop the government before he stopped Minister Andres Chadwick, who took place yesterday afternoon in the Representative Chamber. What was clear was that it did not happen, since Monday had already been told about retiring.

Rivera's words were explained inside the Carabiners as a sign of the fact that General Soto's ability is becoming increasingly broken. In this context, it is not denied that other officers can go to their. general resignation, those who have already been preserved and who the general director would have made the same request to wait a few days.

The inside sound that Franzani has taken away has added that the soldiers, who said, Feeling that members of the "open" Jungle Society were unnecessary for investigation as civil servants and not in the Army Court to prevent justice and murder. . This tension was the "enemies" of Soto in the series of the Carabiners – at the beginning of his administration trying to solve his increase by resigning his rehabilitation and now in full of activity, with much more strength in a prominent weak face in which the general is.

Origin of lies

But there is something else that will sleep Hermes Soto. From Monday, the prosecutors Roberto Garrido, Cristián Paredes and Jorge Caldarara are in Santiago for a visit of fundamental questions, in particular to prevent "the prevention of justice." In other words, how to keep the idea of ​​delivering a false version of the death of Catrillanca.

On Monday, General Soto was questioned as evidence. Listeners asked him how he heard about the work of a young boy from Mapuche and when he knew that the troops were Gope lying.

These latest details are important to what happens to the future of the general director. Last week, lawyer Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir was named as an accused person, and what has moved from the investigation, to date, that the legal advisor Carabineros has been identified as the person who joined – with the police – the draft of the attractive result of communication with Mapuche. The same version was taken to Soto.

On Monday, General (r) asked Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, who was a general inspector of the Carabiners, on November 19 arguing "personal reasons", according to his statement. SecondA & # 39; First to contact Inostroza for legal aid from the police officers involved and warned Soto – through a message on WhatsApp – that it was a "important and complex" thing. Accordingly, the general commander of Carabineros was "put a powerful team for you to support those older people".

But that order was a motif in the leg. So far, Inostroza is known to help to & # 39; Collection of the brigade version by Franzani's guide, one of the members of the nearest Minister of Soto.

At present, both Franzani – who have confirmed yesterday before making allegations – and Inostroza outside Carabineros and have no complete loyalty to the additional institution, except for General Soto. Inside the police uniform, it has proved that the relationship between the general director and his head of the Order and Security is completely cut. Something that is clearly hazardous, because & # 39; and they included the highest police officer's uniform in front of the patients when the beautiful appearance began, they would be left without place for action or opportunities to survive in the near future . And due to the close collaboration of Chadwick with the procurator Cristián Paredes, at La Moneda, first ones who would know them.

Without a credit line

La Moneda is "life-threatening" when asked on Monday 3 December to give an explanation of her. Video recorded by Sergeant Carlos Alarcón as long as he was in advance arrest and in which he was arrested. He asked he had been enforced. In that meeting, where President Piñera, Chadwick and the Interior Director, Rodrigo Ubilla, introduced, a reconfiguration was made in against Soto, who recognized that there was no explanation of the registration and distribution of the video irregular. In that meeting, Mr. Kurt Haarmann, Personnel Director, formerly Chadwick's chadwick and one of the people who had been in the room. Soto sings the place if the final decision is removed.

Government sources acknowledge that "Changing the situation could stop" General Soto. This means that it is still a & # 39; continues with the political support of La Moneda until today, but that any other irregular situation would mean the end of the office as a general director.

In the Government, it also worries that the questioning to Soto, from the facts that has been made recently, has made the most important aspects of the institution grow, express the invoices between " villalobistas and hermesistas ", which is a Increase the worry in the police uniform line

The support in the monolithic regulatory party is not. On the one hand, director of RN, Mario Desbores, was square with General Soto, but that party's candidate Gonzalo Fuenzalida, according to two days ago when he said he was "Definitely that he could continue with what is happening and still with what we are going to find out we do not know (…). Indeed, a person who is questioned must be a situation available. "

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