Herval Abreu on 2018: The worst and best of my life is the Society

Herval Abreu, director of teleseries, a wide-ranging message through Facebook where he took stock of what was done to him in 2018, which was marked by objections by sexual harassment and abuse against him.

In the text, the old director of Channel 13 told the date of birth and the changes that he had to come from the appointment of seven actors .

"Today I have a house, father and son, a couple … it's important, it's hard, it's full, light, full of light, a new light, I thought about spending my day and I did not repeat one of those meetings of friends in whom I was so fond of, almost all of them are still here … the respect, "wrote in the text, which was reproduced by Second.

In that line, he said: "I received hundreds of welcome from many I did not know who was still there. Today I know they are real, more than I was thinking. "

"It was impossible to do a tour this year … (the worst of my life and the best ones) I did not learn so much (… ) to review what I did, the good things and the lack, patience, my laughter, my fear, until I put out everything above and when I left alone with the essential things, I still do not finish and you know what it is? I do not want to leave here"he finished.

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