His family Iquique Family Court raised a Haitian woman

The Iquique Family Court concluded that Vitha Malbranche, a Haitian woman from 28 years old, would take care of her son seven months after dividing 20 days after an incident that was taking her to her bus in her & her; travel to Brazil.

The situation was created on 6 February when the woman traveled from Santiago to Brazil where she would meet with her brother, after giving a cartoon presentation, discharged from the device where Carabineros worked.

"This is started by a police force that finds a woman in a complex position of a particular situation, which may be determined by emergency. She was on the way and Iquique was ordered to go off her bus as she was with her break out of disorder, The depending on what the psychiatric report shows "he said Marcos Soto, a judge of the Iquique Family Court.

After the procedure the woman was given by Carabineros to the Divisional Hospital; a town where the doctor agreed to send duties to his / her; town Intensive Adult Mental Health Intensive Unit. While his son was sent out with the Family Court's decision to Sename Center, to be aware of the women's state of health.

According to Soto, what triggered its function at # Haitian woman "she was in A complex socio-environment situation, in a country that she did not know, does not speak Spanish, came to the country for a jobless job that was born in Chile, unexplained, all these changes – according to the report – create this crisis ".

After the hearing that was held in court this Wednesday it was essential that the little one got back to Vitha Malbranche, which could end your trip to Brazil on air, a move to be financed with co-ordinator – which brings together different social groups – and that's she has been supporting women through the procedure.

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