How can you connect to American amateur? So you can take advantage of Black Friday from Chile

The top of the supermarket sales commerce began in the United States and, obviously, its impact still has its potential. reach Chile. As it is currently, it is & # 39; It is estimated that customers' shortage of at least 23 billion will only go to this Friday, here there will be many people who can not consult on Black Friday in a way or another.

And the options are different: from buying directly in an American store, looking for pages that are going to; go by boat and wait to buy for Christmas, Take advantage of the Amazon catalog that launched, or even to take advantage of the switches that Chilean stores will take on Friday and Sunday in a square with a date of consumption.

From the USA

If you want to see the same prices chosen for Americans in stores and websites, one of the options can be purchased directly from the pages of that country. Walmart, Best Buyer and the most popular Target, is one of the best known names, although there is also another source such as GameStop, known by the gamer world and the traditional Amazon. There are also Newegg, Khol & Offsepot and Officedepot.

The suggestion is that purchases are always in safe places and to ensure that they are not constrained from entering the country. Typically, the results are banned according to those that show a risk to animals, agriculture, health, pornographic content and toys that are infected; including toluene.

In addition, if you have a value of less than or equal to 30 dollars, without a commercial character, it will be free to purchase. tax and tax payments.

And on a boat …

Otherwise, it is estimated that around 47% are & # 39; Increase each ship in the ship in the month before Christmas. That is, consistent with the Black Black Friday. How do you do it? This has been helped by, for example, Silein sites such as Do Cheò, Boris Kraizel., definition that, in the case of this shop online, is able to buy with its & # 39; boat, just connect to the link or offer on the site, select goods at sea and confirm the order.

The benefits are that there is no pressure of weight, although the price of passengers is even reduced up to 60%. In fact, the product takes longer: about 30 days on its output; average. "We give the opportunity to send everything sells, and other businesses. These dates increase the -watch is great because this is the month before Christmas and people are putting themselves together to make original, special gifts at much better prices, "said Kraizel.

The benefit of this type is that there is no need for a validation card or a credit card, the order to the house will come and its. final price that shows the first time in.

Local offer

And just as with corporate sources in the United States, Chilean retailers will also responding to Black Friday. A number of sources, indeed, deliver promises in their sources and web pages. For example, the Costanera Mall, which offers up to 50% discounted in a number of stores in the shopping center.

The pattern is also followed by Paris and Ripley, with offerings going up to Sunday. Along with that, Amazon, which has previously released a list of 50 million items to bring Christmas shops from Chile. Next, the catalog by clicking here.

It will be an option to take advantage of the touring event. indicates discounted discounts that reach up to 60% discount on some of the packages, with Brazil as the main focus of tenders. At the same time, a Latam will continue until Friday arrives to more than 70 destinations with up to 63% discount.

JetSmart will cost the same, which prompts Black Friday to increase with tickets from $ 900, and board tax. Tickets at Argentina, at the same time, at a final price of 13,000 pesos.

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