How do we promise that machines work well?

At Fayerwayer, we will talk to Guilherme Novaes, an expert in construction mind. We talk about AI's ethical frames in companies.

An Electric Energetics to enter American-American companies quickly. However, do we really know how to use AI and have clarity in making decisions with the data? How will the campaigns benefit from this?

From all this we talked to the expert and management assistant at IBM General, about general guidance, Guilherme Novaes.

Guilherme Novaes

FW: We will discuss the current situation. How are companies experiencing the IA today? What is the percentage of adoption in the department?

GN: Today we all agree that we are already in a new era – the time of the data. The current economy is driven by the data that is distributed in companies, in social networks, in feelings spread by towns, in cell phones and registers, in what we & # 39; buying, spending, etc. The technologies have built the social and social media of the businesses and explained how people use and business business models. Today's customers want personal responses in a real time and companies need their technology to generate more value by transforming data into a vision to help make decisions and buyers' knowledge be developed.

Inteligence Intelligence will help companies to deal with the market demand; at present, because it is possible to understand a lot of data (text, sound, images, video) in real time, create interesting assumptions, make personalized ideas and interact with us to & # 39; Using conversation In corporate heart, digital format and Business Info already have a & # 39; impact on business, staff and consumer experiences.

And that's not far from us. That's already happening here in Latin America. Digital digitization with the AI ​​allows us to redefine the competitive competence of the area. Our public and private companies are equivalent to any other company in the world. The difference will be to focus and flexibility to take advantage of new technologies. Here in Latin America, there is a group of key rehabilitation drivers in businesses such as banking, sales, health, education, among others, both in companies and sources that realized how the IA can accelerate its acceleration processes

FW: How does AI get confidence in companies and enterprises? How do we break our trust?

GN: In this data economy in which we live, new technologies must be guided safely and companies have such a responsibility as ourselves, building these technologies. So it is vitally important that these companies carry out data management following security, privacy and ownership principles.

In addition, AI technologies have the potential to influence the mental abilities that have been specially specialized in recent people, we started using it to support us in & # 39; make important decisions, which need ethical principles and must be taken independently of discrimination, discrimination and judgment; impact on people's lives and companies.

People expect to have every decision and opinion a company will have; including based on ethical principles. When these actions are defined by the support of the tools, we must ensure that these systems also work enthusiastically.

A recent study by the IBM Business Value Institute revealed that 82% of world-wide companies are proposing to implement artificial information modules, but they still have a sensitive awareness or 60% of unreliable people. So we are working to break that trust. An important example in a system that IBM has now been developed to ensure that AI is a key. delivering stronger and intricate results. The new system is able to find its orientation, make recommendations to reduce it and increase publicity, and # 39; Defining in real time what made a decision on adversely affecting another. Being able to explicitly explain how the AI ​​system is trained and essential is essential for increasing confidence.

FW: What are the basic tools that IA can generate for a business business strategy?

GN: A Conduct Factory generates bankruptcy in companies, and & # 39; turning businesses and professions. Why? Because of what we are doing, stay in the last minute; At present, companies do not have the value of corporate resources or their production capacity, but because of their ability to manage their data, understand their customers, obtain information and gain a vision and competitive value from them . So, for a company to be very competitive in this situation on which the digital output is, a company must solve the data that the data can understand. Type of information that understands this range of information, and its # 39; rule to convey context and meaning. It is essential that something that can help you find out what is written between the lines of that data, something that allows a different idea and which helps to make decisions.

And there is no structure in 80% of the world's data, that is, it comes from a variety of sources and forms and is not possible to translate with traditional computer systems, we need Solvents to use Artificial Feelings in the box that provide companies the ability to change this non-structural data to useful information and the speed required to achieve a competitive advantage. AI will apply to & # 39; make sense of that unstructured data and help to transform its & # 39; sea ​​of ​​information into vision. AI systems are capable of understanding, analyzing and extracting information from unexpected information, and providing information to companies; they need to change the client's knowledge, allowing them to understand the understanding of users better, to develop their full knowledge and help you to make decisions at the time here. This allows to & # 39; The company has the opportunity to be innovative and to turn its business strategy with real business results, with productivity and sales sales, have a major impact on company results and giving them a competitive difference.

FW: How is the delivery of those IAs with companies practically translated for consumers and end users?

GN: Watson is an AI platform for business. We provide technology companies to provide them with special solutions to their business and to create benefits for their clients. Hundreds of companies in Latin America are already using and using. exploiting Watson's use of artificial data in different categories. We have examples of day-to-day applications, such as the online & assistant Food, of Bradesco; The new Volkswagen cars, such as Virtus, Tiguan and Vento already exist with the interactive mental handbook in a natural language in Portuguese or Spanish; The AI ​​that interacts with visitors at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico; the AI ​​solution from the Brazilian business school, Saint Paul, considered Netflix in education; Seguros Equinoccial, from Ecuador, has launched its first prestigious car insurance (& # 39; Auto Conectado & # 39;) with the Watson application that has; used to find out about driving practices; no LUZi, a IBM Watson technology in IBM Cloud, created by a group of doctors to monitor fertility in rural communities Guerrero, the state with the highest number of mothers and mothers in Mexico … as well as the various applications in a pharmacy, agriculture and health, to help develop a new medication and support doctors to do it; treating diseases such as cancer, etc.

FW: What is the acceptance of scam storage systems that add to this shift paradigm?

GN: In terms of a changed cloud strategy, AI projects succeed in a high volume of data. It requires a lot of computing and storage power. These are the bright platforms that make good, depending on their scale capacity according to demand. If customers want AI masters, they must first start matching the cell.

According to IBM's survey, it is likely that around 40% of organizations around the world will be invested in cloud technologies to go to; contribute to the AI ​​perspective.

In this way, a noise built for AI is the only thing that provides the highest levels of integration. IBM Cloud is an application to accelerate the integration of data, both inside and outside the facilities; The ideas of the new experts are based on technologies, such as Machine Learning, IoT and AI.

FW: How can you see AI's future in the department?

GN: AI adoptions in Latin America have been neutralized and Artificial Factory is now a reality throughout Latin America. The market is embracing AI's attractive solutions from new and small companies to adult and traditional units from all economic sectors. We have hundreds of examples of Watson users in the department, from different divisions. These companies have already changed the way in which they interact with their customers who use the AI ​​to offer new knowledge. The examples are good and today we see that every business is a Looking for digital format is inspired by artificial knowledge.

Changing AI will go towards more and more people with the device, and # 39; Increase the ability to rationalize and create assumptions of prestigious systems that help us to; problem solving that is becoming increasingly complex. As soon as we break up the disruption, the faster we will reap the benefits of new technologies, use them to make fair decisions and gain new competitive advantages.

Let's see AI really on businesses and professions in the coming years. Those who accept these new abilities are those who, start this new era, and implement tools that will benefit it and its; empowering what people make, switching from the customer service, to sectors with a huge impact on their services; society such as health, education and security.

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