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How to remove virus from your phone: AWARDING AWARD!

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It's not very common, but as your computer, You can also attack your Android smartphones virus. What can I do to finish it? How can I stop my handbag?

In the next lines, we will answer the questions you may ask and explain How to get rid of viruses that will endanger your borders. We also advise you to prevent infection.

What is a virus?

It may be simple, but it is important that we know our opponent well before we launch an attack. What is a genuine virus? We talk about it program that means to & # 39; including a device, which is a computer, smartphone or smartphone. We also know the name malware, a phrase that comes from the English words software is confident.

Surely you've heard it sometimes, "cell phone can not get viruses", but nothing further from truth. It is true that it is much more complicated than on a computer, where our colleague Ricardo says, we will travel the internet from page to page and we are more likely to download a file of abuse without knowing.

Moving Android mobile to most of the viruses they'll be accessed when we & # 39; download some applications, not the ones most recommended. Then we talk about how we show viruses and how they can eliminate them if we can not do that, but their first step: find out if we are contaminated.

How do I find my virus?

There is no special way to find out if there is a virus in a phone, but you should remember some of the factors. Indeed, a virus causes imbalance in mobile Android and causes the system to work properly. Many times we can tell things like this:

  • Advertising is displayed in a & # 39; know bar.

  • The battery is being spent too fast.

  • I find unwanted requests; upload me down

  • Applications such as the camera or the registrant are not working.

However, not everyone malware show its impact. Until a virus seems to steal data or cause any other evil without attention, it is not bad to use antivirus. Although there are In Andro4all we believe it's not an antivirus debt to permanently install, in such cases, where we think we have a virus, it can be helpful. If we are fortunate, you can give us information about the software unfortunately that has entered our mobile phone. AVG Antivirus is a good example and it's free.

App AVV Antivirus

So you can remove the viruses

If you got out of the searches that your terminal is converted, do not worry, do not go with it & # 39; virus is too tough. In the following sections we explain how to do it.

Delete suspicious bids

As we said, most Android viruses have a & # 39; come because we download our browser requests, desirable applications which may be designed to help you; destroy a machine

So, we should do the first step delete these bids. Antivirus helps us to find what they are, but it's easy to see. They are likely to be filled with remarkable advertising that prevents them from being used calmly.

A revival of a factory

Yes, after suspicious requests have been uninstalled, the thing is not completed well, it may be necessary to take a step forward. Perhaps the time has come factory back, that is, delete all the information on your mobile phone and Leave it so new from the box. In this way we give everything to the front, including viruses. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Go to the position of your mobile phone and go to the last sections of the list.

  • In this section Google you get the option Back up. Save what you want.

  • Search the section System unlike it and the choice Factory re-installations.

  • Follow the steps to completely clean your cell phone.

How to reset factory

Ideas to get to & # 39; disease

The .apk files are the main responsibility of the viruses that reach our smartphones. We will refer to those requests that we will; downloaded outside Google Play, and that can be filled with malware because there is no controller. Download requests from Google sources, and Be careful with the pages you visit on the internet so that no virus can be inserted into your handover

You should also be very attentive the permits that request applications what you download If a gallery application requires permission to enter your camera and files it makes all the world's awareness, but not just if you want to send SMS and phone.

At the end, that is an important thing use our phone with a small one. We should not download files from suspicious sites, or to authorize any application; ask them. In this way we have little chance to get the disease.

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